The EYG Top 100 Movies of the Decade #70-51



The decade’s best, according to EYG, continues with a double dose of the list.


Image result for frankenweenie#70.  Frankenweenie.  Tim Burton directed this stop-motion animated film that was dark, funny and told a wonderful story about a boy and his dead dog.

#69.  Whiplash.  This film brought the powerful performance of J.K. Simmons to light as the obsessive music teacher who is trying to get the best out of Miles Teller.

Image result for tickled#68.  Tickled.  One of the most fascinating documentaries of the decade, where a reporter discovers an underground group involved in  “competitive endurance tickling” and the unexpectedly drastic things that come from it.  It is unbelievable.

#67.  Room.  The film that brought Brie Larson to an Oscar and Jacob Tremblay to the forefront of the Hollywood scene.  This film had me sobbing the whole time.

Image result for paranorman#66. Paranorman.  Norman Babcock is a young boy who has the ability to talk with the dead, and he is trying to prevent a witch’s curse from destroying his town.  One of the top animated films from the company Laika.

#65.  How to Train Your Dragon.  The original movie from the trilogy where young Viking Hiccup discovers one of the rare Night Fury dragons, Toothless. The bond of friendship that happens between the pair is the basis of the animated trilogy.

#64.  The Conjuring.  Ed and Lorraine Warren are paranormal investigators and demonologists.  They are called to a farmhouse to try and help a family that was being terrorized by a dark presence.  This film led to an entire Conjuring cinematic universe with Annabelle, The Nun, etc.

Image result for lego movie#63.  The Lego Movie.  One of the great surprises of the decade.  How did a movie about these kids’ building blocks become an emotional journey of self-discovery?  The humor, creativity and heart made this a brilliant film.

#62.  Rocketman.  The biopic/musical of Elton John’s life was filled with amazing music and helped show the world a deeper version of the life and times of Reginald Dwight.

#61.  Coco.  One of the times when Pixar ripped our hearts out with emotion and family ties.  An amazing tale about the Day of the Dead and the Latino culture.  Coco is filled with music and feelings.

Image result for mr holmes#60.  Mr. Holmes.  A smaller film featuring the great Ian McKellan as an older, retired Sherlock Holmes who had to try and solve an unresolved case before his life ends.  He has help from his housekeeper’s son, and their relationship is a huge factor in the film.

#59.  Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.  The middle film of the trilogy, Dawn focuses on Caesar and the remaining apes in the forests outside of San Francisco in a world where the human population has been ravaged by the simian flu.

#58.  Nightcrawler.  Jake Gyllenhaal was brilliant in this movie and he was robbed by the Academy.  His performance as Louis Bloom saw the actor transform in front of our face into someone unrecognizable without the benefit of any makeup or CGI.  He disappeared into the role unlike few could.

Image result for baymax big hero6#57.  Big Hero 6.  A group of low-level Marvel heroes appear in an animated film.  Baymax becomes a huge star from the movie.  It also includes an animated Stan Lee cameo.  Many do not know this is a Marvel group of characters but the film was released by Disney and won an Oscar.

#56.  Star Trek Into Darkness.  This was one of my favorite movies of that year and, while it may not have held up as well as other films, I enjoyed this more than many people did.  I liked the way the film played with the comparisons to The Wrath of Khan.  While it has not aged as well, it was still my #2 movie of that year.

Image result for the rock in moana#55. Moana.  Another Disney animated film, this time featuring The Rock as Maui, an Hawaiian demi-god.  It is the story of a young girl named Moana, who feels the call of the ocean.  It’s a great movie. You’re Welcome.

#54.  Spotlight.  An Oscar winner about the scandal dealing with the Catholic church and the priests who sexually abused young children.  The reporters at the Boston Globe discovered the cover up and they investigated the story.  A great ensemble cast made a difficult subject to watch, totally compelling.

#53.  Mission Impossible:  Rogue Nation.  The Mission Impossible franchise has only gotten better and better over the years.  Tom Cruise was hanging off an airplane as it took off.  A fantastic spy adventure with characters we have grown to love.  Plus, the addition of Rebecca Ferguson is tremendous.

Image result for joker#52.  Joker.  One of 2019’s top films, Joker told the story of Arthur Fleck, a failed comedian, whose madness leads to the formation of the mastermind, Joker.  Joaquin Phoenix is stunning as Arthur Fleck.

#51.  The Disaster Artist.  The story of the filming of one of the worst films of all time, The Room, is told in this movie.  James Franco is masterful as filmmaker and “actor” Tommy Wiseau and his passion project.


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