Hawkeye: Freefall #1

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Hawkeye: Freefall #1

Writer:  Matthew Rosenberg

Artist:  Otto Schmidt

Cover Art:  Kim Jacinto & Tamra Bonvillain

Clint Barton has had several very good comic runs over the last several years, highlighted by Matt Fraction’s work on the solo Hawkeye series.  Now, it is former Uncanny X-Men and Punisher writer Matthew Rosenberg’s chance at the character in the new series, Hawkeye: Freefall.

The series is very well written as I enjoyed the pacing, the dialogue and the storytelling.  The cameos in the book work extremely well also as the book captures the chemistry between these characters (I will not spoil who these are, outside of Clint Barton).

I am also not sure how much information has been revealed about the plot of this series, so I will leave it at this… Clint Barton, who has been taking more of a back seat to Kate Bishop recently, stands front and center and has to deal with something from out of his own dark past and must deal with his word being doubted.

The book has some good humor, strong character work and an intriguing mystery at the center.

I’m looking forward to seeing where this comic takes us.


Image result for freefall #1

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