Tarot #1

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Writer:  Alan David

Artist:  Paul Renaud

Cover Art:  Paul Renaud

I have always been a fan of the Defenders.  When I was a child, the Defenders was one of my favorite books.  They had such a variety of characters that I enjoyed watching develop.  Then, match them up with the Avengers, what could possibly go wrong?

Whatever it was, it did go wrong, because I disliked the first issue of the new mini-series that teams up the Avengers and the Defenders, called Tarot.

I really was disappointed with what I read here. First of all, this was in continuity from years ago.  We have old variations of these characters which is very off-putting.  It is hard to read this book with the Hulk after seeing the Hulk in Immortal Hulk for the last few years.  We also have a much darker version of Namor currently and this version pales in comparison.

None of the characters establish themselves as having their own voice.  The dialogue could have been said by any of the characters and it would have served the same purpose.

I have an issue with the reveal of the mini-series’ villain as well as he shows up in the final few pages, is meant to be a shock, but truly just falls plat because the character is not normally shown as a equal menace for the Avengers or the Defenders, let along both of them.

I usually give Marvel the benefit of the doubt, but this was an disappointing issue and I do not feel the need to continue reading from this point on.


Image result for Tarot #1


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