Bad Boys

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Sick day.

I thought this would give me the opportunity to watch Bad Boys and Bad Boys II, preparing for Bad Boys for Life this weekend.  I had never seen either of these Michael Bay movies and I figured I needed to see them for the third film.

However, I am not sure that I can watch the second film because I am sick enough.

This was just stupid.  The story was ridiculous.  People do not talk like this.  It is loud, dumb and filled with Bay-isms.

I could not believe how much I hated this film.

Will Smith was good in this limited role.  Martin Lawrence was loud, obnoxious and clearly an influence on Kevin Hart because I have seen him play roles just like this.  Whatever positive could be said about this movie would be found in the chemistry between Smith and Lawrence, but a little of it went way too far.

What was the story?  It had to do with heroin.  Tea Leoni was here too for some reason.

The film was homophobic, misogynistic, violent all blended together.  I really disliked Bad Boys.  It makes me wonder if I should watch Bad Boys II or Bad Boys for Life.


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