Jessica Jones: Blind Spot #3


Jessica Jones: Blind Spot #3

Writer: Kelly Thompson

Artist:  Mattia DeIulis

Cover Art:  Valerio Giangiordano & Marcio Menyz

My friend Todd at my comic shop today, as I was picking up my Wednesday released comics, asked me which comic I was going to read first tonight.  I told Todd that I was not sure, but, after looking through the pile, I knew which one it was going to be.  It is my current favorite book being released by Marvel (Somebody is Killing the Children may be my overall favorite book currently).

Not The Immortal Hulk.  Not The Amazing Spider-Man.  Not Hawkeye: Freefall (those are all awesome, but not my choice). No, the book I chose was…

Jessica Jones: Blind Spot #3.

Yes, that is right.  I have always enjoyed the character of Jessica Jones, but she has never been one that I would have guessed would be starring in my favorite current active comic.

I love this story.  The mystery aspect of what happened when Jessica was shot in the back of the head and lived is compelling as can be.  Especially as the story continues to progress and involve other areas of the Marvel Universe.  This issue’s guest appearance from Elsa Bloodstone took a character who I never gave a second though, and it created a fascinating female character that I enjoyed reading about.

The dialogue of this book is the biggest part that I love, and that is thanks to Kelly Thompson’s wonderful writing.  There is such a clever feel to the book and Jessica’s narration keeps that tone consistent throughout.

The story took another weird twist at the end of issue three and I really want to see where this goes.  I cannot wait until the next issue come out so I can see what happens.

I love this book.  It makes me feel like I am reading Mockingbird again.  And that is as big of a compliment as I can give.



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