I Lost My Body (2019)

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This past year’s Oscar nominated animated movies included one that I had not heard of before but could be found on Netflix.  Placing it on my queue, I would hope to get back to I Lost My Body, a film by Jeremy Clapin.

It truly is one of the more original animated films in a long time and a beautiful story, told through some wonderful animation.

We are following the severed hand of a young boy named Naoufel (Hakim Faris) in the hand’s attempt to find its way from the dissection lab back to the boy.  Along the way, the story is told in a series of flashbacks to prior events from the life of Naoufel.  This included his meeting and falling for Gabrielle (Victiore Du Bois), a librarian whom he meets while attempting unsuccessfully to deliver her pizza order.

The film keeps you wondering exactly what was happening and how it is happening.  You wonder what exactly has happened to Naoufel and how his hand became severed… and sentient.

While many of those questions are left for the audience to ponder, you can’t help but relate to Naoufel, whose mistakes are obvious, but done with an attempt to cure the loneliness that has plagued his life since the death of his parents.

I Lost My Body is an adult animation as there are situations and dialogue that would be too old for some children.  Still, it is a beautifully designed story and the animation is exceptional.  Especially the use of the sentient hand, which goes through so much in its hope to find its body.

I certainly can see why this was nominated for an Oscar, and I can understand those people who thought it should have won.  It is one of the most original animated films you are going to find.  Honestly, though, the ending left me a little cold and wanted for more of a resolution.  With that exception, the movie is a great experiment in storytelling and narrative.


Image result for i lost my body poster

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