Plunge #1

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Plunge #1

Writer:  Joe Hill

Artist:  Stuart Immonen

Variant Cover Art:  Gary Frank & Brad Anderson

It is my next book recommended to me by my comic shop.  They know that I am heavily Marvel so when something comes out that is intriguing and a good read, they suggest I buy it.  They even offer to let me read it before I make a decision.

There have been books that I love that have been recommended to me (Something is Killing the Children, Family Tree), some that started strong but have slipped a bit (Sea of Stars, Far Sector), but I have to say, when they recommend one, it has never been a flopper in my mind.

This time it is a book from Hill House Comics, which looks to be under the DC Black Label and it is called Plunge.  Plunge #1 has two very compelling and beautifully illustrated covers, one regular and one variant.  I did buy the variant, but I really found the regular cover interesting and I almost chose it over the variant.

The book starts slowly, and we are introduced to our characters.  There is some excellent dialogue in the book as our new group of characters are very well written.  There is some witty banter here as well as we meet our crew that is being hired by a company called Rococo to salvage a ship of theirs that has reappeared after 40 years.

The issue takes its time to set the story and the characters up and, while that may make the first issue a little less energetic, in the long run, should pay off nicely.

There is a compelling story being set up too and the ending panel promises us that the first issue presentation is going to bring us something different.

While this issue did not blow me away, I did like the set up and the dialogue was definitely funny and enjoyable to read.  There seems to be some promise of horror involved here and I hope that this will be another book that only improves.


Image result for Plunge #1

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