Bang #1

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Bang #1

Writer:  Matt Kindt

Artist:  Wilfredo Torres

Cover Art:  Wilfredo Torres with Nayoung Kim

So when I grabbed the copy of Plunge #1, I also spotted a number one form Dark Horse Comics called Bang.  I took this issue too.  Now, Ben, the owner of ComicWorld had not tried to talk me into this issue, unlike some other issues.  When he saw I had this one, he said that the first four pages were awesome, but the rest got too convoluted.  Not quite the same sell job as some of the other books he ( as well as Todd) has talked me into.

And yet, I really enjoyed this issue.  I enjoyed this one more than I did the Plunge #1.

Ben was right.  The first “cold open” of Bang #1 was exceptional and created a very intriguing situation.  I had not seen it coming.  However, I disagreed that the remainder was too convoluted.  I thought the rest of Bang #1 did a great job of setting up what we were going to see.  Perhaps the arrival of the science fiction writer came too quickly and dropped too much info in a first issue, but I was already in by this point.  Maybe I would have ended the issue when Thomas Cord, a James Bond-type spy that worked for an off-books agency called MI-X, arrived at the office of the science fiction writer.  Let that moment build a bit.  The story had laid out enough at that point.

There is a pulp feel to the book and it read quickly.  The world it was building had a lot of fascinating details to it that will build all the more as we see what is going on behind the scenes.


Image result for Bang #1

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