Tomorrow #1

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Tomorrow #1 (of 5)

Episode One: Going Viral

Writer:  Peter Milligan

Artist:  Jesus Hervas

Cover Art:  Jesus Hervas

Hey, there is another book from independent publishers that is about a post-apocalyptic world.  Who would guess?

I kid.  Yes, there has been a bunch of “end of the world” stories in comics these days, but they have been pretty good.  Tomorrow #1 has joined that list of solid stories.

We are seeing beginning of the end of the world in this comic via a terrible virus (which may be too close to home with the Coronavirus floating around out there these days).  There are some very fascinating characters.  My personal favorites were Oscar and Cira, the twins.  There are a couple other story arcs that are fun too, but these two are the reason to read this book.

I believe that this book could be a book that will focus on character development and that is very exciting.

Tomorrow #1 is a Berger Books comic, an imprint of Dark Horse.


Image result for Tomorrow #1

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