Color Out of Space

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I love the Movie Trivia Schmoedown, an online trivia show with some WWE and UFC tendencies.  It is remarkably enjoyable and has only grown and improved every year.  The reason why I watched this movie was because of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown.

One of the top competitors in the Movie Trivia Schmoedown is named “The Kid” Brendan Meyer.  He is a young and popular competitor that has an encyclopedia knowledge of movie trivia.  I also knew that Meyer was an actor and that he had been in the OA.  When I heard his Schmoedown team partner, critic William Bibbiani talking about Meyer’s new movie, Color Out of Space, and how he would not be reviewing it to avoid any cries of potential bias, I wanted to see it.

So I found the film on Vudu and waited until it became available for rental (which was today).  Who knew that this was a film that was starring Nicolas Cage?

Color Out of Space was a science fiction/horror mash-up where a meteorite crashed on the farm of the Gardners in rural New England.  After the meteorite crashed, the whole family found themselves acting differently than they had before while some kind of mutant organism infected them.

Brendan Meyer was the oldest son to Nicolas Cage.  Joely Richardson played the wife of Cage and mother to Meyer.  There was a sister, played by Madeleine Arthur and a younger son played by Julian Hilliard.  Elliot Knight appeared as Ward, an investigator there to try and help the family.  Finally, playing stoned hippie Ezra was the one and only Tommy Chong.

Nicolas Cage was at his very best, over-the-top craziness in this movie.  It is an area within that he has absolute carved out a place for himself.  Brendan Meyer was quite impressive in the role of Benny as well.  Watching the kid work here, one believes that he has quite an impressive future ahead of him.

I felt the first part of the film was a little slow, but it built nicely as the tension continued to grow.  By the third act, the film had grabbed hold of me and created a wild and crazy conclusion.

This is based on a short story by H.P. Lovecraft and it is directed by Richard Stanley.  This is a weird and bizarre film that is energetic and entertaining.  I am glad that I watched it.  Thanks The Kid.

3.7 stars

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