The Family vs. KOrruption (Schmoedown Throwdown)





Season 7 of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown has come out hot.

One week out of one of the greatest single title matches in the Schmoedown history, they are at it once again.

Kristian Harloff, attempting to provide the best content available for $10 and above Patreons of the MTS, had announced that they wanted to do more Schmoedown Throwdowns, live streams of matches from Collider Studios.  The first of which took place on March 7, 2020 and it was a doozy.

In a number one contender match, former champions KOrruption (Mike Kalinowski and Chance Ellison) took on The Family (Drew McWeeny and Andrew Ghai).  This match was strong and showed how competitive both teams were.  KOrruption pulled out a 36-31 victory as they broke a tie game by answering their 5-point question in the third round.

As competitive and entertaining the match was, the biggest news happened in the post interviews.  The wonderful Jenn Sterger returned from her AEW duties to conduct the backstage interviews and chaos ensued.

After speaking with the rightfully braggadocios KOrruption, managed by Shannon Barney, who spent some time ripping on the reigning team champions Founding Fathers (Dan Murrell and John Rocha) Jenn suddenly found her hands full with The Family.

An interview with Andrew Ghai is always a challenge, but this shock wave was created by “The Godfather” Drew McWeeny.  The Family is a member of the faction called The Usual Suspects, managed by Samm Levine, McWeeny’s former team championship partner (in Above the Line).  However, Samm could not attend the match this Saturday and assigned team faction member Jeannine the Machine to take his place.  McWeeny expressed some frustration after the loss to KOrruption.

[Responding to Sterger’s question about being beat up over the loss] “I wouldn’t say that I was beat up over it.  I’ve just reach a point where I’ve realized something. Um, you know I was promised a lot of stuff by a lot of people,” said McWeeny.  “I think I’d feel better if my manager had shown up, and I feel, in general, like, maybe, just maybe, you guys can do this by yourselves.  I think I’m retired, folks.  Have a good day.”

At this point, McWeeny walked out of the interview, leaving Ghai and Jeannine with their mouths open.  This opened the door for a gloating Kalinowski to come into the interview to rub the salt into the wounds.  Kalinowski made reference to the time he left his team, DC Movie News, because of lack of support.  He took the opportunity to challenge Ghai to a one-on-one match in Houston in April.

Ghai, never off balance for too long, apologized to Kalinowski for his own behavior during the DC Movie News break up and told Mike that it wasn’t his fault.  Offering a hug, Ghai kept telling Mike that it wasn’t his fault, finally accepting the challenge.  The apology may not have been too sincere.

This was shocking.  It was also turnabout.  Twice now over the last couple of years, Drew McWeeny has had a team partner up and retire on him.  First, Samm Levine retired from active game play while they were Above the Line.  They were also the team champions at this point, causing them to forfeit the titles.  McWeeny has been unsuccessfully chasing those belts since that split.

Then, last year after the defeat of The Family by Shazam (William Bibbiani & The Kid) for the Ultimate Schmoedown Team Tournament victory, Ghai, frustrated over his inability to get those titles back for McWeeny, announced his retirement.

Ghai changed his mind on retirement, but there were still several weeks/months that McWeeny did not know what was going to happen (although the match where Ghai retired aired only days before the match where he reversed the retirement, the team match was pre-taped and had occurred in real time considerably earlier).

This shocking announcement from McWeeny has opened a ton of questions.  Is this McWeeny actually looking for a break?  Is this storyline?  Will McWeeny try to force a trade from Levine?  Is The Family completely broken up?  Will we get a Samm Levine-Drew McWeeny pre- or post-scene?  The announcement from McWeeny was extremely well done because I did not see it coming and, since the studio audience went completely silent when it happened, they did not see it coming either.

This match also saw the return to form of snarky heel Mike Kalinowski.  There was no breaking character from Mike this week as he was in full heel mode and was doing some top line work.  The idea of some of the wicked promos between Kalinowski and Ghai leading to the Houston event makes me giddy.

The excellence of season 7 of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown continues on.  Get all of the great trivia entertainment by joining the Schmoedown Patreon at


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