Lost Girls

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Continuing on the streaming services for new movies, I watched the new release Lost Girls on Netflix this morning and it was very compelling.

Based on a true story, Lost Girls tells about the disappearance of 24-year old Shannon Gilbert, and her mother’s desperate struggle to find her, to get any help from the local police and to deal with feelings of guilt.

Mari (Amy Ryan) was not a perfect mother, by any stretch of imagination, but when her daughter disappeared, she became an unapologetic tenacious warrior, butting heads with everyone involved in the situation.  Many of the police involved did not take the situation as seriously as they may have since Shannon was working as a sex worker at the time.

Gabriel Byrne played the police detective Richard Dormer, who was in charge of the case.  While searching for the missing girl, police accidentally uncovered the remains of several other girls.  These girls ultimately were shown as victims of the Long Island serial killer.

The film is painfully compelling and paints a picture of Mari, warts and all.  She is the most fascinating of characters here and her anger carried through the entire film.  Much of the anger she displayed came from a place of self-guilt.  She had plenty of struggles with Shannon over the years and she could not help but know that she had contributed to this moment in time for her daughter.  Amy Ryan does a wonderful job of bringing this woman to life.

Though the film does not have a satisfactory conclusion, the filmmakers did an admirable job of providing the viewers with as much closure as they could.  I understand that they were working with an unsolved case, as the film states at the very beginning, and a certain amount of disappointment was going to come with that.

There does feel as if there are several ways this could have been taken that would have made this movie even more compelling, yet the film has some solid performances and is worth the watch.  Just be aware that there will not be a happy ending with the story wrapped into a tight little bow.  Plus, there is text to read at the end that really could have sent this movie into a different direction.

4 stars

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