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I have missed some movies recently in theaters because of schedules, sickness and time.  Then, because of the worldwide pandemic currently underway, movie theaters across the nation closed, basically putting an end to the hopes of seeing some of these movies any time soon.

However, some movie studios have made these movies available early on streaming services to expand the views.  This gave me an opportunity to see some of the films I missed.

Vudu started this off today with The Invisible Man, The Hunt and Emma.  Two of those I have seen, so that made a choice easy.

Directed by Autumn de Wilde, Emma is the latest adaptation of the classic novel from Jane Austen of the same name.  It is a period piece, set in England in the 1800s telling the story of a young woman named Emma (Anya Taylor-Joy), a well-meaning but selfish lady, who has assumed the position of meddlesome matchmaker for her friends.

I will admit that I had a difficult time getting engaged int he film at first.  Distractions around me at home made it more challenging to focus than it may have been in a theater.  Unfortunately, that is the situation I was in.  Still, as the film progressed, I found myself drawn into the comedy and the relationships developing before me.

By the last hour or so, I was fully enthralled in the film and I enjoyed the rest completely.

Anya Taylor-Joy was beautiful and shone on the screen like few others.  She is clearly a star in the making and you can see she has a bright future ahead of her.  Bill Nighy played Emma’s father, Mr. Woodhouse and he was a clear standout.  His character was both eccentric and easy to relate to, which is a difficult combination to accomplish.

I also found myself enjoying the work of Johnny Flynn as George Knightley, Emma’s friend and eventual love.  He was an intriguing looking star and I quite enjoyed his originality in the role.

I have not seen other Emma adaptations so I have nothing to compare.  Despite a lacking beginning, I did enjoy Emma and I was happy it was available for rental at this time.

3.75 stars

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