Sweet Heart #1

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Sweet Heart #1

Chapter One

Writer: Dillon Gilbertson

Artist:  Francesco Iaquinta

I have been picking up a few series that are non-Marvel for about a half a year.  It all stems back to Something is Killing the Children.  I love that book and I would have never known about it if I continued to only read Marvel books.

Now, buying other company’s comics takes a bit of an investment, but I have found other series that I have enjoyed as well.

So when I saw Sweet Heart #1 on the stands today, from Action Lab, I figured I would give it a chance.

I really liked the book.

Honestly, I was not 100% sure I knew what was going on.  Yet, I enjoyed the not knowing and I was shocked by some of the developments in the issue.

It was a creepy issue and had some very disturbing moments.  The art work from Francesco Iaquinta fits wonderfully with the tone of the book.  It is a dark feeling that washes over the reader as the book progresses.

The design of the “Stringer” is frightening and brings that feeling of horror to the story.  What are these things?  Why do they do what they do?  Why does this tonic keep them at bay?

There are a lot of questions here that I have and I hope that will be addressed in future issues.


Image result for Sweet Herat #1

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