Cherry Bomb vs. The Hurricane Schmoedown


This post will contain ZERO spoilers for this match (maybe one…).

The Patreon match today (which will be released on YouTube to the general public on Friday) is between two rookies and I was inspired to write about them.

I am not giving any spoilers for the match (unless you count the fact that

SPOILER…Andrew Ghai is the manager for the Usual Suspects here).  END SPOILER

But I wanted to talk about these two new competitors and I was inspired from their match.

cherry bombFirst up was Britney Young, nicknamed “Cherry Bomb” as a member of the Dungeon.  Young was a star of the Netflix series GLOW, the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.  This was actually her second time involved with the Movie Trivia Schmoedown as she was in a celebrity match a few years back, playing with the current commissioner Clarke Wolfe.

HurricaneNext is Jader Paramo, known as “The Hurricane.”  Jader was the winner of the special audience competition that was held prior to the Orlando event.  He won one of the “Golden Tickets” (story which he talks about in the video so I won’t go into it) placing him in a competition with four fans.  His victory in Orlando earned him a match in season 7.  He wound up with the Usual Suspects faction.

I will admit that it typically takes me some time to enjoy rookies in the Movie Trivia Schmoedown.  Not to name any specific names, but some of them come in way too cocky for my liking and I do not find any real reason to cheer for them.

However, that was not the case for these two new competitors.  Both of them came off extremely charming and likable.  They were funny and quick-witted.  Their interaction was outstanding and refreshing.  The game was solid (no spoilers).

And although one of them won and one of them lost (no spoilers), I would find myself cheering for either moving forward and looking forward to seeing them both to continue the positivity.

If you want to see this match early, join the MTS Patreon page at the $10 level to get it on Monday.  I believe lower $ levels get it later that week.  That $10 level is well worth the money.



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