Justice League Dark: Apokolips War

SNEAK PEEK: "Justice League Dark: Apokolips War

The latest Warner Brothers Animation wrapped up a series of the recent animated movies in its own Endgame style story.  It is an adaptation of the comic storyline, The Darkseid War, and concluded the 15 film arc from the DC Animated Universe.

I have to say, this was considerably better than the film that it is a direct sequel of, Justice League Dark.  They do a considerably better job of avoiding the excessive exposition, which weighed down the last film.  This film moves smoothly from scene to scene and they brought in different characters beautifully.

The film starts off with Superman (Jerry O’Connell) bringing the Justice League together and planning on launching a preemptive attack on Apokolips to destroy Darkseid (Tony Todd) and his forces.  Unfortunately, Darkseid knew they were coming and it turned into a slaughter.

The film jumps into the future and the earth is in a terrible state and Darkseid is robbing the earth of its molten core.  Batman (Jason O’Mara) has been controlled and is Darkseid’s new right hand man.  A de-powered Superman is recruiting survivors for another attempt to stop Darkseid.  He started with John Constantine (Matt Ryan).

The film does a great job of bringing in other characters, such as the Suicide Squad, Swamp Thing (Roger Cross), and Damian Wayne (Stuart Allan).  Etrigan (Ray Chase) is seemingly the “Fat Thor” of this film.

Most of the main characters here get to have a moment in the film.  Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Robin, Constantine, Etrigan, Captain Boomerang, Cyborg, Raven, and Lois Lane have their big time moments and they feel as if each of the character earns them.

There were some things that I was uncertain about such as the use of Lex Luthor (Rainn Wilson), but I do not think that I have seen anywhere close to the 15 animated movies that would have proceeded this film.  I went with the film though as I preferred that than going over everything again.

I do think there might be some issues to those who do not have the background with DC Comics as I do.  It definitely helped as I watched.

Yes, the animation continued to be below what it should be.  I will say that I thought the animation here was better than it has been before.  I still think that this animation is too choppy and brings down the level of quality overall.

Overall though, I think this is an excellent film and does a great job of wrapping up the series of movies.  This uses the great DC characters in extremely positive manner.  It will be interesting how the animation at DC will move forward after this.

4.3 stars

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