EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: In PLUNGE #3, horror starts to surface - The Beat

Plunge #3

Writer:  Joe Hill

Artist:  Stuart Immonen

Cover Art:  Jeremy Wilson

It has been a couple of months since a new comic has come out, but today… I got one.

Yes, DC released their first new comics since the world went crazy and I, collecting mostly Marvel, had one issue awaiting for me at the recently reopened comic shop where I buy my books.

And it was a very solid book.

Honestly, it has been a while since I read Plunge #1 or #2 and I had to remember what it was about.   One of the main reasons was because it is a new tale, outside of any sort of comic continuity… a story about a ship that had sunk year ago, and a salvage boat heading out on a very suspicious mission for a corporation.  They ran into some trouble along the way.

In this issue, there were all kinds of fun, horror-based reveals provided us by writer Joe Hill.  The crew of that missing ship from 1983 appeared on this island and, well, to call them creepy would be an understatement.  Plus, they have some knowledge about what is going on that they are not sharing.

And Hill has thrown a bunch of eerie scenes and ramped up the uncertainty of what was happening and tossed our crew members smack dab in the middle.

There is also some mathematics involved (can you actually solve Pi?) and it helps set this mysterious and uneasy tone.

The art is great too, fitting the tone of the story perfectly.  The final page of the book presents us with some distinct shocks and leaves you wondering what exactly Bill is left holding.

This was a great way to bring back the comic books.  I enjoyed reading this very much.


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: In PLUNGE #3, horror starts to surface - The Beat

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