Avengers #33

Avengers (2018-) #33 - Marvel Comics

Avengers #33

“Moon Knight vs. The Avengers”

The Age of Khonshu Part One

Writer:  Jason Aaron

Artist:  Javier Garron

Cover Art:  Matteo Scalera & Rachelle Rosenberg

The Avengers return to start up a new arc featuring The Moon Knight called The Age of Khonshu.  Everyone’s favorite split personality hero is back and he is taking on the heavy hitters in an attempt to become Earth’s Mightiest Hero and he is well on his way.

Moon Knight has become a dangerous foe and, beneath the light of the Supermoon, Moon Knight has put a plan from Khonshu in play.

While my first thought of placing Moon Knight into this situation was negative, I must say that I enjoyed the execution of the story.  The art is excellent and the individual battles between Moon Knight and the separate Avengers were intriguing.  There is clearly a mystery going on here and what the motives of Moon Knight and Khonshu are still up in the air.

However, this does have the same general feel to it as did the previous story arc from the Captain Marvel series as Carol had to fight and “kill” off the Avengers to fool the villain of the series.  That was not my favorite arc of the Captain Marvel series, but this one has started off better than that did.

The first part of this arc has, at the very least, hooked me enough that I am interested in seeing where it goes.  I have always enjoyed Moon Knight so it is nice to see him get his time in the sun (or Moonlight as the case may be).



Avengers (2018-) #33 - Marvel Comics

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