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Found another new film starting up on Amazon Prime today.  It is a thriller starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt called 7500.

The emergency code that pilots use when their plane is being hijacked is 7500, thus the title of this new thriller.  The film takes place nearly exclusively inside the cockpit of a plane flying from Germany to France.  These kind of films are intended to have a claustrophobic feel to it, and this one certainly has that.

Tobias Ellis (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is the co-pilot on a jet flying from Berlin to Paris.  When a group of men storm the cockpit, Tobias is able to secure one of the hijackers and lock himself in the cockpit.  Unfortunately, the pilot Captain Michael Lutzmann (Carlo Kitzlinger) is killed, leaving Tobias alone and in control of the plane.  The other hijackers pound on the cockpit door, trying to bust in, and, when that does not work, they wind up killing hostages to get Tobias to open the door.

A pilot cannot open a door and allow his plane to be overtaken by hijackers, so even when the terrorists grabbed flight attendant and Tobias’ love and the mother of his son, he could not open the door.

There was some serious tension in the film, in particular in the first and second act.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt works extremely hard here and it shows. He is what this movie is depending on and he delivers a difficult performance.  You can feel his worry, his anguish, his anger and his humanity.

The film also features 18 year-old hijacker Vedat (Omid Memar), who winds up one-on-one with Tobias for much of the third act.  This character is very emotional and conflicted about what was happening.  Honestly, I found this character a bit off-putting.

The storyline is very basic.  We do not really know what the purpose of the hijacking is.  Part of my problem was most likely the fact that a chunk of the dialogue was in German and I had trouble reading the small print of the subtitles which probably led to some of my uncertainty with the hijackers motives.  That is not the film’s fault, but it was a difficulty for me.

I have to say that I was not as much of a fan of the conclusion of the film.  The third act with the one-on-one with Tobias and Vedat did not help me feel for Vedat like, I think, it was supposed to do.  I am not sure that I enjoyed the end result.

Overall, the film was fairly tense and anxiety-filled for parts of it.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt was excellent.  There was a good tone with the one setting.  7500 was worth the watch.

3.4 stars

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