Best in Show (2000)

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Christopher Guest directed movies are different than the usual movie you see.  The group of comedic performers he has on hand include remarkably talented improvisational actors/comedians who are quick on their feet and can create stories on the spot.  There have been several Christopher Guest films in this style and Best n Show was one of the best.

Best in Show brings a group of eccentric characters and their dogs, invading the Mayflower Kennel Club Dog Show for the annual Best in Show dog show.

The troupe that has been in several other Christopher Guest films included Michael McKeon, Eugene Levy, Parker Posey, Catherine O’Hara, Bob Balaban, John Michael Higgins, Don Lake, Jennifer Coolidge, Jane Lynch, Larry Miller, Ed Begley Jr., Linda Kash, and the recently deceased Fred Willard.  This group of actors have been in several other films of the same sort (from Waiting for Guffman to A Mighty Wind to For Your Consideration and even the Rob Reiner directed This is Spinal Tap).  In these films, the actors are giving information about their characters, but not a written script to follow.  The dialogue is created by the actors as they play off each other in a style of creativity unlike most films you see.

Filmed as it is a “mockumentary,” Best in Show follows these bizarre dog owners and their potentially zany behaviors during this high-pressure world of show dogs.  It is a hilariously funny film with these actors bringing the crazy.

There are also several beautiful dogs involved and dog owners would probably love this movie.

The late Fred Willard is amazing here as one of the announcers at the Mayflower Kennel Club Dog Show.  It gives him a great platform to provide his quick-wit and sharp humor.

Best in Show is a great film and it flies by quickly.  The pacing is great and the film is just laugh out loud funny.


Best in Show Movie Posters From Movie Poster Shop

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