Captain Marvel #17

Captain Marvel (2019-) #17 - Comics by comiXology

Captain Marvel #17

Game Night

Writer:  Kelly Thompson

Artist:  Francesco Manna

Cover Art:  Pepe Larraz & Marte Gracia

The recent issues of Captain Marvel have not been my favorite among the books I buy.  It has been awhile since I have truly enjoyed the issues of Captain Marvel.  The Star stuff was fine.  The Captain Marvel kills the Avengers left me wanting.  It is a title that has been low on my list for a time now.

Then, they come up with issue #18.

Yes, it feels like a filler.  It will not be setting up any long term story arcs.  However, some times you need these types of issues to keep your comic fresh.

And how fresh was it?  Who could have anticipated Carol inviting Kamala Khan over for “game night” which was poker with Logan, Monica Rambeau, Jessica Drew, and Hazmat?  Whereas the others wanted to play poker (a longtime standby for Marvel heroes), the innocence of Ms. Marvel brought a different idea.

Escape room!

Is the set up coincidental?  Sure.  Of course the escape room they go to is run by a wannabe super villain.  But the plot contrivances aside, I loved this book.

The main part of the story that I loved was the interactions with the six main heroes in the story.  Wolverine’s reaction to the idea and attempt to get out of going.  Carol trying to make Kamala happy.  The running joke with Jessica Drew and her sweatpants (in fact, Jessica Drew is becoming one of my favorite Marvel characters because of her wit and humor).

The characterizations here are spot on and the escape room concept brought fun with just enough menace to keep you guessing.

The world of Marvel Comics has been too many wide spread crossovers with massive universal stakes.  Some quieter, lighter, more fun books keeps the balance nicely.


Captain Marvel (2019-) #17 - Comics by comiXology

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