Killing Hasselhoff (2017) Killing Hasselhoff Movie Poster 18 x 28 Inches ...

I started this because I thought it was a new movie that had been released on Netflix and, because of the pandemic, my list of new movies for 2020 is limited.  However, Killing Hasselhoff turned out to be from 2017 instead, which meant it went into the Doc’s Classic Movies Reviewed section.

I came into this with low expectations.  I mean, Ken Jeong and David Hasselhoff are your lead performers.  Jeong usually appears in those stupid comedies that have the lower class of humor.  That can be funny if it is done with intelligence.  That is not done much here.

However, there are some really stupid moments that are almost worth a laugh or two.  The situations are so ridiculous and over the top that it is hard not to giggle at them despite how dumb they are.

Do not misunderstand me.  This is not a good movie.  It is quite offensive at times, leans toward racist jokes way too much, and is too mean-spirited.

I have to say, the one thing that was kind of fun was how David Hasselhoff played David Hasselhoff as a big time jerk.  He overplayed every negative character trait- arrogant, rude, pampered, every terrible Hollywood actor trait.  It was refreshing to see Hasselhoff with such a good sense of self-deprecating humor.

Still, there is just too much mean-spirited humor that appeals to the low-brow.  So while I did not hate this, it is not a film to recommend.  It is on Netflix if you want to watch it for yourself.


meh Killing Hasselhoff Movie Poster 18 x 28 Inches ...

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