Spontaneous Poster and Images Reveal the R-Rated Katherine Langford Movie |  Collider

Spontaneous blends together any number of genres, from horror to coming of age to comedy, and it does it with an effectiveness that you might not have expected.

Shocking events begin to happen at Covington High School when students begin to literally explode in a massive bloody blast. Mara (Katherine Langford) was one of the seniors who seemed to be infected with this bizarre “disease”. Dylan (Charlie Plummer), who had had a crush on Mara for years, decided that there was no time like the present to tell her about his feelings. Mara and Dylan’s burgeoning relationship continued to grow as their classmates continued to spontaneously combust.

When I saw this trailer last night, I immediately went to find this movie. The trailer was extremely funny and felt more satiric than the movie turned out to be. The movie had those comedic beats, but there was more of a darkness to it than I thought. It makes sense because it deals with grief, in particular survivor’s grief, and the perils faced by young people today. The pain of watching people that you know die in front of you is a traumatic event but this shows the resiliency of youth.

I found the relationship between Mara and Dylan to be sweet and entertaining, but there was a cloud over it as I was scared of seeing one of them, most likely Dylan, explode. Every minute they were together felt of vital importance.

Katherine Langford and Charlie Plummer were charming and brought a realness to the outlandish and strange story. The “E.T./Eliot” scene in the film was just about as wonderful as you are going to get. This couple had a rooting for quality that some times are missing from these teenager movies.

I was not as connected to the relationship between Mara and her best friend Tess (Hayley Law). They seemed to be an added on relationship to give Mara more to her character. Hayley Law was an interesting actor though and I did like watching her when she was on the screen. Law was on Riverdale and she is a future star.

As I mentioned, the trailer was funny, but, as the film progressed, the exploding kids became less funny and more unnerving. I found myself cringing every time it happened, and the scene where the class ran from the building as classmates exploded felt reminiscent of a school shooting situation. It was very difficult to watch at times.

Spontaneous mixed a lot of genres together and worked very well. There were moments of comedy that were extremely funny, but also plenty of heart-touching scenes that tugged at the emotions. Spontaneous was a very solid film.

4 stars

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