His House

Netflix has had a great 2020 for original films.

This has been a narrative I have been stating over the last few weeks as I not only see the films from Netflix that are being released now, but also catch up on some of the true winners that I may have missed along the way. The entertainment from Netflix during this pandemic has been remarkable valuable.

His House is a film that came out at the end of October that I had not seen. This would have made an excellent Halloween watch, but pre-Thanksgiving turned out good too.

Two refugees from war torn Sudan escape the country and find their way into the United Kingdom, seeking asylum. However, after being placed in a broken down home during their probationary period, darkness from their past lives and their harrowing journey to escape Sudan returned to provide a frightening challenge.

His House is the feature film debut for writer/director Remi Weekes. Weekes brings a air of terrifying ambiance and creates an unsettling mood for the viewers. He provided a exceptional horror film that is deeper than the typical surface level horror film.

The film deals not only with the horrors found in the genre of haunted house films, but it dives deeper into an examination of the lives and the experiences faced by refugees. There is also a depth of grief and guilt being processed by our two main characters.

Speaking of the two main characters, Sope Dirisu, who played Bol Majur, and Wunmi Mosaku, who played his wife Rial Majur, are fantastic. Their pain and loss weighing against the hope of finding a new beginning in a new land. Former Dr. Who star Matt Smith appears as well as the pair’s case worker.

The film delivers some very creepy moments and genuine scary images. It is shot beautifully and Remi Weekes deserves credit for bringing such a momentous film for his first time out. His House is one more winner from Netflix this year.

4.5 stars

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