I Walk with Monsters #1

I Walk With Monsters#1

Writer: Paul Cornell

Artist: Sally Cantirino

Cover Art: Sally Cantirino

As I was looking at the independent comics at my local comic shop released today, I spotted a new book called I Walk With Monsters #1. Over the last year or so, I have been looking for more independent books because the ones I have tried have been so good.

One of the best ones that I have picked up was Something is Killing the Children. That is such a brilliant book that it really inspired me to keep giving these number one issues a chance. It is also why I grabbed I Walk With Monsters #1. The quick glance at it made me think about Something Killing the Children. While not at that level, I Walk With Monsters was fascinating.

I am not sure I know what happened here.

There are two characters in the book, Jacey and David, and one of them seemed to have some kind of monster inside him. A monster that ate a serial killer.

It was a shocking few pages right at the beginning.

But the unexpected surprises did not end there. They then seemingly had some flashbacks where … I think… they show a younger Jacey with another kid named Jake with their father (maybe???) and … do they, as a family… eat another kid named Eric? There was also a flashback scene from a state fair and there was something with a politician.

Honestly, I had to look it over several times. I was totally fascinated with the story. I loved that I was just not sure exactly what was happening and I really wanted to know.

The book is from a company called Vault, which I had never heard of before, but I will be buying another one.

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