This year, there was an explosion of shows on YouTube. It seems as if there are all kinds of shows and only so many hours in the day.

In January, Collider Video fired a group of on air talent and sent them out into the world. That beginning helped bring about the current golden age of YouTube.

Here are the EYG Top 12 YouTube shows.

#12. Steve Hofstetter. Just discovered this comedian who specializes in taking on the hecklers of the world. He does it with the sharpest wit around.

#11. The Outlaw Nation. This stars John Rocha, one of the Collider people let go in January. He brings on guests and talks about anything he wants to. It gave him a much greater freedom than COllider ever would.

#10. Schmoedown Rundown. A reaction show for the Movie Trivia Schmoedown, Schmoedown Rundown features Brad Gilmore and “Frankie Numbaz” Frank Janisch. They discuss the matches from the week before and discuss the MTS.

#9. Jamel AKA Jamal. Jamal watches videos of classic music and comments. He makes his comments in the most engaging and entertaining ways. He has such a love of music and he shares it with you beautifully.

#8. Live at the Roxy. Roxy Striar is another of the Collider cast offs who have taken advantage of the opportunity by creating her channel. She has had a Live at the Roxy every day since, not yet missing a day. Whether for holiday, illness, grief or Nazi trolls invading her show, Roxy has been there.

#7. Backstage. The behind the curtain look at the Movie Trivia Schmoedown. Hosted for most of the year by Ben Bateman and John Rocha, the show has recently replaced Rocha with Innergeekdom legend Rachel “The Crusher” Cushing.

#6. Golden Ticket. “Thank you for being a fan.” A special game show type show where the Top 10 Show guys, John Rocha and Matt Knost, invited their Patreon members to compete in a Jeopardy style contest for a guest spot on their Top 10 Show. Lots of fun and the charisma from the two hosts come thorugh.

#5. Up & Downs. The “Bald *sshole” Simon Miller wields the finger of power and reviews Monday Night RAW, Smackdown, and other WWE PPVs giving the best parts of the shows an up and the bad parts a down. Simon is funny and shares his thoughts on the WWE product weekly.

#4. Fatman Beyond. Kevin Smith and Marc Bernardin get together weekly at the bar Scum and Villainy in LA to discuss the current world of pop culture. Kevin and Marc are funny, engaging and thoroughly intelligent, approaching movies and TV with not only a critical eye, but also a fanboy perspective.

#3. Top 10. Matt Knost and John Rocha each week set a topic, compile their individual top 10 lists of those movies and then count them down. Finally, after they reveal their personal top 10 lists, they compile it into a list for the show. I have loved listening to these two for several years now.

#2. SEN Live. SEN stands for the Schmoedown Entertainment Network and it is a morning zoo type show, hosted by Kristian Harloff. They discuss movie news along with whatever else may tickle their funny bone. This year, regular member of SEN, Brett Sheridan, created a character called ZaFlertinflause that took over the internet for a couple of weeks during the pandemic.

#1. Movie Trivia Schmoedown. The MTS was dealt a tough blow this year with the pandemic bringing the show to a halt. However, Kristian Harloff and Mark Ellis did not let the virus derail the momentum their show had been building. They took the show virtually and found more of an audience. Between a brilliant live Star Wars tournament on Twitch to the broadcast of the surprising matchup between Kevin Smith and Chris Jericho, the MTS took the challenges thrown at them and made the best of them. A partnership with Skybound gave the show a special burst.

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