Death of Me (2020)

Here is the next Netflix movie that was originally released in October, but just arrived on the streaming service this weekend. 2020/2021 have been the bizarrest of years when dealing with movies.

I am not sure where to classify this when it comes to the year end stuff. Of course, in December, will I remember this one at all?

Vacationing married couple Christine (Maggie Q) and Neil (Luke Hemsworth) are on a beautiful tropical island of the coast of Thailand. Neil is a photographer who is doing a photo study on the natives. However, both husband and wife wake up one morning with no memory of the night prior. Finding a mysterious video on his phone, they discovered that Neil and Christine had sex and he then broke her neck and buried her.

Of course, she was apparently fine at the time they woke up in their room. The mysterious events were emphasized by physical issues for Christine that sent the pair on an investigation of what exactly had happened to them.

There was a great set up for this film. The mystery of what exactly happened when Neil apparently killed Christine was a great premise. Unfortunately, it was not as strong moving forward as it was in the first part of the film. I still found myself engaged in much of the film though it felt as if the third act really became continually confusing and convoluted.

Maggie Q was definitely the best part of the movie as the desperate Christine. Her performance was hectic and chaotic as Christine searched for answers against the backdrop of paranoia that the entire island was out to get her. I enjoyed the chemistry between Maggie Q and Luke Hemsworth too.

There are too many horror clichés in a film that had such an intriguing premise. There are good moments here as well, but the movie certainly could have been more than what it turned out to be.

2.9 stars

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