WandaVision Episode 4


We Interrupt This Program

WandaVision took a turn this week and it was glorious.

This week, the show’s point of view flipped a couple of times. There is no sitcom this week (and I honestly missed it a bit) and the show focuses on Monica Rambeau, Jimmy Woo and Darcy Lewis. It shows you the strength of the MCU when you can bring in a group of characters like this and feature them in the middle of your superhero show.

Lost" Man of Science, Man of Faith (TV Episode 2005) - Photo Gallery - IMDb

This episode reminded me of LOST more than any other episode so far. When we first meet Desmond Hume in “Man of Science, Man of Faith,” we flashback over everything that had happened before, but from his point of view. We get the same concept in episode 4 of WandaVision.

The first point of view is with Monica and this cold open was just amazing. We see Monica coming back from being snapped and the chaos that ensued with the people appearing from nowhere after the blip. That truly emphasized how wild and traumatic that situation could be. Spider-Man: Far From Home showed the blip in a comedic manner but this feels how that situation, people being dead for 5 years suddenly being there, would play out.

Plus, the show gave us a painful reveal as we find out that Monica’s mother, Maria, who we met in Captain Marvel, died of cancer during the time when her daughter was snapped away.

WandaVision 1x04 - Monica finds out that her mother died - YouTube

We also are told that Maria founded SWORD. Monica is a captain in SWORD as well.

The arrival of Jimmy Woo and Darcy Lewis (that is Dr. Lewis, by the way) was awesome. This was actually my favorite use of both of these characters. I enjoyed Darcy in Thor, but was never a fan of Jimmy Woo. They worked so well together and brought some wonderful interactions. Darcy was the one who figured out what was going on with this Westview Abnormality and she did it with humor and showed how competent she was. It’s been a long time since she could not pronounce Mjolnir.

As they went through the episode, we see a great deal of what happened in the mysterious first three episodes. We find out for sure about the scene of the TV sets at the end of episode 1, the voice of the person asking “Who’s doing this to you Wanda,” the truth about Westview and several of the citizens, the beekeeper, the toy helicopter, and how much Wanda is in control.

WandaVision' Episode 4: It's All Wanda? and More Burning Questions - Variety

Technically, that last one may still have some questions about it. Monica came out of the dome saying that it was all Wanda. However, I still believe that there may be someone whispering in Wanda’s ear, helping direct what is happening. Could it be Mephisto? That is still my belief, but it might be too much to introduce to the general public.

We still did not get any revelation of Agnes. Is she Agatha Harkness? I think so, but it could be a swerve.

Oh, by the way, the image of Vision that we get at the end of the episode is frightening and gives us a hint that Vision may not truly be alive.

WandaVision Just Answered A Whole Bunch Of Massive Questions - CINEMABLEND

This episode was tremendous and is going to send this series into the next act.

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