Dr. Giggles (1992)

Ooh boy.

I was scouring through Starz this morning looking for the first movie for the day of the DailyView when I came across a movie that I had never heard of. I read the Amazon Prime synopsis and I I was intrigued. It said, “When the psychopathic son of a mass-murdering doctor escapes from a mental institution, he seeks revenge on the citizens of the town where his father was finally captured.” It sounded like a tense and anxiety filled thriller. However, that could not be farther from the truth. This was a ridiculous movie that surely set the genre back.

That psychopathic son was played by Larry Drake, spouting one liners after every murder that he committed, horrid puns that were almost never funny. He went about a reign of terrors of murders that have little connection to him. He seemed to have that slasher movie villain power of being right where he needed to be in seconds. His performance was meant to be comically eerie, but it was much more cartoony than it was eerie.

There was the daughter from Picket Fences (I loved that show) and Mark Healy from Roseanne. They were a couple of teenagers, and she had a bad heart. We see no evidence of that besides the weird monitor she had to wear. She does a lot of active stuff in the film for the bad heart.

Larry Drake had to giggle through the whole film too, thus the name Dr. Giggles.

For a little bit, I thought that I might be able to classify this one as “So bad, it’s good.” The more it went on though, I realized that category was too good for this movie.

I’m not spending one more minute on this one. It’s terrible.

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