“I See Kid Actors” Award

Every year we have some fantastic performances from young actors and actresses who are under 18 years of age. There have been plenty of kids over the years that have been…let’s just say…less than competent in acting. A poor kid actor can derail a project completely.

However, there have been plenty of outstanding performances too over the years and so this award has been given to those exceptional young actors.

Previous winners:

I See Kid Actor Award 

Previous Winners:  Emjay Anthony (Chef), Jacob Trembley (Room), Millie Bobby Brown (Stranger Things), Dafne Keen (Logan), Elsie Fisher (Eighth Grade), Noah Jupe (Honey Boy), McKenna Grace (Troop Zero)

I have a list of 12 youth actors for 2021.

#12. Lia McHugh (Eternals). McHugh played Sprite in Eternals from Marvel Studios. Sprite was a constant teen for centuries and she resented that. McHugh was on screen with a massively talented ensemble and she carried herself well.

#11. Caleb McLaughlin (Concrete Cowboys). One of the stars of Stranger Things, Caleb branched out into a Netflix film called Concrete Cowboys this year where he played opposite of Idris Elba.

#10. Archie Barnes (The Dig). Another Netflix film, The Dig features the young Archie Barnes, a British actor and he helped make this one of the better Netflix films of the year.

#9. Noah Jupe (Quiet Place 2). A former winner of this award, Noah Jupe is one of the best young actors in Hollywood today. Every time he appears in a film, you can count on a great performance from him.

#8. John Hillard & Jeff Klyne (WandaVision). Wanda Maximoff’s children in the Disney + series WandaVision, Billy and Tommy touched our hearts with their humor and their super powers before disappearing in the finale.

#7. Logan Kim (Ghostbusters: Afterlife). Playing a character called Podcast, Logan Kim provided some solid comedic work opposite the excellent McKenna Grace in the new Ghostbusters movie.

#6. Benjamin Flores Jr (Fear Street). Appearing in all three of the films in the Netflix horror trilogy, Flores Jr. was one of the most constant performers of the series.

#5. McKenna Grace (Ghostbusters: Afterlife). Last year’s winner was the heart of the new Ghostbusters movie. As Egon’s granddaughter, much of the emotional depth of the film went through her character and she is always up to the task.

#4. Christian Convery (Sweet Tooth). As the title character Sweet Tooth, Christian Convery gave an amazing performance as our favorite half-human and half deer boy. He was cuter than heck and carried all of the powerful work on the show.

#3. Luke David Blumm (Son). A surprise horror film where the young boy falls ill and his mother has to try and protect him from his past. Luke David Blumm gives a powerful performance.

#2. Jude Hill (Belfast). This was a tough choice this year and I almost made Jude Hill’s performance in Belfast as the winner. He reminded me very much of Roman Griffin Davis in Jojo Rabbit, which is about as high of praise as I can give.

And the winner this year is

#1. Jeremy T. Thomas (Antlers)

Antlers' Review – Surprisingly Dark and Effective – DiscussingFilm

Another horror movie performance, Jeremy T. Thomas was everything in Antlers as he was the center of everything. He was so powerful in every minute of the film and he so deserved this award.

Congrats, Jeremy.

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