1922 (2017)

DailyView: Day 261, Movie 366

This was a film that I found on Netflix and has been on my queue for a few weeks. It sounded intriguing and I had never heard about it back in 2017 which is strange since I was watching a ton of movies at the time. 1922 was an adaptation of a Stephen King novella featuring Thomas Jane, Molly Parker and Neal McDonough.

To prevent his wife Arlette (Molly Parker) from selling the land she had been given by her father and taking their son Henry (Dylan Schmid) away, farmer Wilfred James (Thomas Jane) conspired with his son to murder her. After they buried her in a well on the farm, strange things begin to happen. Is the land cursed?

1922 was an excellent film with some amazing tone. There is a grubby, down and dirty feel to the film that really worked well with the story that was being told. The use of the rats in the film was simply unnerving and kept me on edge. I would not define this as a horror movie, per se, but it has the tension and anxiousness that many top horror flicks do have.

There are plenty of great looking shots on this small farm, through the corn field and the cinematography was beautiful.

Thomas Jane is outstanding in the role of Wilfred James. He seems so unlikable at first, but Jane does such a strong job in his performance that you can’t help but feel for him as so many things start to go wrong for him.

This was a well done, but kind of uneasy film to watch. I enjoyed the tense storytelling and the characterizations of the different actors.

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