Station Eleven S1 E1


“Wheel of Fire”

I had heard about this show on HBO Max from a few places, but I was not sure if a show about an apocalypse brought on by an out-of-control flu was exactly the type of content I wanted to watch at this moment in time.

So I gave it a chance. It was good.

You are immediately grasped by the strange relationship between Jeevan Chaudhary and the young actress Kirsten Raymonde. Kirsten was in a play where her mentor died of a heart attack and Jeevan helped out the stranded girl. However, a dangerous flu outbreak was sweeping the nation and Jeevan’s sister, who was a nurse, told him to go to their brother Frank’s and barricade them in Frank’s apartment.

"Station Eleven" Wheel of Fire (TV Episode 2021) - IMDb

Kirsten’s parents were not home and Jeevan could not leave her alone so he took her with him to Frank’s place.

There was a dramatic plane crash scene that cemented how serious the situation had become. It then ended with a couple of time jumps that shook the status that the show had started was now completely out the window.

The first episode was pretty good. Good enough for me to continue to watch the show for now. I do not plan on binging the whole 10-episodes that are available. That feels like more than I want to do right now, but I can see myself setting up a viewing schedule to complete Station Eleven.

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