Station Eleven S1 E6,7 & 8


6: “Survival Is Insufficient

7: “Goodbye My Damaged Home”

8: “Who’s There?

I decided that I would combine a few of the write ups, mainly because I did not want to pause to write these in-between the episodes because I was so involved. So much for the idea that I would not binge this whole series this weekend. I should have known.

Starting with episode 6, Kirsten went out on her own and the rest of the Travelling Symphony wound up heading to the Museum, after being invited several times. Kirsten went to finish the deal with the Prophet/Tyler. She nearly succeeded in her attempt too as she had a knife to his throat. Tyler, however, told her that the people at the Museum were dangerous and not to be trusted and that he could show her the way.

Meanwhile, the rest arrived at the Museum, only to be quarantined and held captive. Sarah collapsed after the long trek. In a later episode, we discovered that Sarah had a heart attack and that she was clinging to life. It was clear in her discussion with Kirsten that she believed that she was going to die.

Station Eleven' Episode 6 Recap: "Survival Is Insufficient"

The Red Bandanas attacked Kirsten, Tyler and the kids on their travels, but Kirsten killed them all with her fancy knife tricks.

Station Eleven Episodes 6 and 7 Recap and Ending, Explained: What is The  Play?

She was shot with poison and so she wound up back in the first 100 days of the flu pandemic. We get the answers to what had happened to Frank?, what play were the talking about?, what was Jeevan talking about when he said they left one day too late?.

We see the events that take place in Frank’s apartment through the eyes of “ghost” adult Kirsten who could only be seen by young Kirsten. It was weird, I know, but it was an intriguing framing device to see the things that happened to get Jeevan and Kirsten out of the apartment. Apparently, Jeevan wanted to leave the day before but Kirsten wanted to put on a play, based, of course, on Station Eleven, the comic book.

This led to a delay in leaving and as they were putting on the play, a home invader arrived and killed Frank with his knife. After an extended battle with the intruder and Jeevan, the intruder was killed and they had taken Frank to his bed forever.

Station Eleven Episodes 6 and 7 Recap and Ending, Explained: What is The  Play?
Station Eleven Episodes 6 & 7 Beautifully Merge Acting and Death | 25YL

Jeevan was showing some signs of losing his grip on reality as he was beginning to talk to himself, and, at least it looked like, answering himself. At this point, we do not know the ultimate fate of Jeevan, as this is the one major plot point still unresolved from the past.

Kirsten and Tyler arrived at the Museum and, surprise surprise, it was the old airport that Tyler had left after faking his own death. Clark was still here as was Tyler’s mother.

Station Eleven' Episode 8 Recap: "Who's There?"

With Kirsten and Tyler in hazmat suits, they were not recognized by anyone. Clark made them act a scene to prove that they were actually actors. They performed a scene from the comic book, something that Clark eventually remembered.

Tyler was able to run fee around the airport because he knew all the tricks and hidden places from his time there before. He took Kirsten to see Sarah. He also was setting up bombs around the Museum.

Kirsten put all the pieces together, telling Tyler who she was and how she was connected to Arthur. She also had figured out his real identity, which was some great detective work from her. It did not prevent Tyler from continuing on with his angry plans. I have to say, the one thing that was missing in these episodes between Kirsten and Tyler was any anger from her to Tyler over the bombs that killed Gill. I needed that scene.

Anyway, Tyler’s mother, who had been tipped off by Clark’s partner Miles (in the world’s WORST wig and fake beard), who thought he recognized Tyler. She went and found him during his terrorism and spoke with her son for the first time in decades.

Every time I look at Tyler, I picture NXT wrestler Cameron Grimes.

There was a lot of wrap up in these three episodes and I am not sure what is next. I guess we still need to know what is going on with Doctor Eleven (aka the Astronaut) and we need to find out what Clark will do after his museum exploded. However, a lot of the story seems to be over. It does not feel like we will ever get an answer to how the flu started, which is fine with me. There were some hints dropped that the flu had ended and no longer a problem, though it devastated the world right off the bat.

Two more episodes remaining, I believe and I am interested to see where it takes the story next. My guess is we will get some resolution with Jeevan. Will that tie in with Doctor Eleven? We’ll see.

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