The Fundamentals of Caring (2016)

DailyView: Day 266, Movie 372

Paul Rudd is really a treasure.

He is the star of the 2016 film The Fundamentals of Caring which is just fabulous. Is it sentimental and pull on your heart strings? Absolutely. However, it is so charming and warm that it completely feels sincere and deserved.

Paul Rudd played Ben Benjamin, who was a retired writer trying to get over a personal tragedy. Ben applied for a job as a caretaker for a teen boy named Trevor (Craig Roberts), who was wheelchair bound because of Duchenne muscular dystrophy and was a handful of attitude.

Ben was able to throw attitude back at Trevor as well and is able to convince Trevor’s mom (Jennifer Ehle) to let him take Trevor on a road trip to the Deepest Pit. Along the way, they pick up Dot (Selena Gomez), a teenager on her way to Denver, and a pregnant woman name Peaches (Megan Ferguson) who was going back to her parents home after her husband was deployed back to Afghanistan.

Yes, there are contrived moments that you would expect in this type of movie. We’ve seen it before, but it is so good because of the chemistry with Paul Rudd and Craig Roberts, as well as Selena Gomez. The interactions with these characters, especially during the road trip are what makes this a special movie.

Paul Rudd is exceptional in this movie. He brings every ounce of charm and warmth that he has, as well as a serious dose of shenanigans. He is a major reason to watch this movie.

The film avoids the major trap doors that a movie like this could fall into and is just an enjoyable piece of entertainment.

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