I wanted to watch this over the weekend, but my Apple TV + did not want to work, which pushed the viewing of the new film Sharper until tonight.

Sharper dealt with the world of the con. We see Tom (Justice Smith), the son of a New York Billionaire (John Lithgow), and his girlfriend Sandra (Briana Middleton) who was having major money problems with her brother. Tom told her that he could cover the $350,000 dollars that her brother owed. Little did Tom know that Sandra was setting him up.

Sandra was working with con man Max (Sebastian Stan) in an attempt to get this money. However, there was more to this than just that. Tom’s father was dating Madeline (Julianne Moore), who appeared to be Max’s mother, but this is also a can. Madeline was working with Max to try and scam even more money.

Our three confidence people are untrustworthy and you never know who is telling the truth or who might be scamming whom.

This was a good time because you are never sure what is real and what is not. These three are traitorous among each other and their own betrayals are great.

Sebastian Stan was excellent in the role as Max. There is a scene of his dancing in celebration that is just fantastic and made me feel connected to this character despite him being a horrible person. The relationship with Max and Madeline was really gross, but Julianne Moore creates this amazing character who is really unlikable, but still engaging.

The film tells the story in different sections. We see a black screen with certain character’s names on it, telling us which character is to be focused on during the next section. These different POVs are fascinating and give us a great look at each character.

The fact that there are nobody in this movie that are good people does not hurt the film. In fact, the fact that they are focused on each of the characters help show us who they were.

I enjoyed this movie. It started a little slow but once it became clear what was happening, the film truly picked up. When Sebastian Stan arrived on screen, things start to pop. I thought the story was really good (although I had guessed the final con) and the performances from Stan and Moore are very good and elevates the material.

3.5 stars

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