Comic Cross-Over #30

February 21, 2023

Well, it is Tuesday night, which means tomorrow is Wednesday and…new comic book day! However, there is a drawback to the day. There is a strong possibility that there is an ice storm coming.

We have had a bad stretch on Thursdays lately. We have had no school for a few Thursdays in a row. It now looks as if there is a chance for that streak to be broken by moving the bad weather to Wednesday,

Now, I do not mind driving in snow. But ice? I hate that, As of this moment, it sounds like the ice will be more north than where I am. The problem? Comic World & Games, my comic shop, is north and in the area for the ice storm. I would hate missing the new comics, but I don’t know if it is worth the danger.

Comic World also closed during the previous storms, so the choice may be taken out of my hands. I’ll have to make sure to check Facebook to make sure that I do not risk a trip for no reason.

Anyway, with uncertainty about tomorrow, here is the books I read on Tuesday.

Grim #7. “Absolution“. Things got really dark in Grim. With Jessica’s father destroyed, things began to happen. Of course, Jessica’s father was Death and suddenly, there was no more death. People were surviving horrible things and the darkness of not dying was truly frightening. Written by Stephanie Phillips and drawn by Flaviano.

Spider-Man Noir #4. Written by Margaret Stohl and drawn by Juan Ferreyra. Cover art by Dave Rapoza. The noir adventure was starting to pick up big time as Peter and the others head to the underworld and find a bunch of Spider-Man villains just ready to start causing trouble.

Thor #28. “Venom of Asgard Part Two.” Written by Al Ewing (from a plot by Ewing and Donny Cates) and drawn by Salvador Larroca. I think I am seeing a pattern here. We just had Thor get turned into a gamma enraged Hulk and now we have Thor and Venom combining into a symbiote Thor. However, in the end, the symbiote wound up finding Donald Blake and something wicked will be coming.

Captain America: Symbol of Truth #6. “Pax Mohannda Part 1” Captain America attempted to save the life of the Prime minister of Mohannda as she was being attacked at the U.N. Meanwhile, in the attack, the new Falcon was part of the victims, giving Sam even more of a motivation. Written by Tochi Onyebuchi and drawn by Ig Guara.

Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #7. “The Invader Part 1: On a Monday” Injured and potentially depressed over Bucky’s choices in connection to the Outer Circle. Steve Rogers looks for some help from his friends which includes Sharon Carter, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Peggy Carter and Nick Fury.

King Conan #4. “Conan vs. Conan” This issue focuses on the part of the story that sees King Conan battling it out with his son, Conn. The story takes a twist that I was not expecting. King Conan tried to banish his son so his son could be hardened by the world, by Conn decided that there was another way. We also got some more interactions between King Conan and Thoth-Amoni. I actually think this was my favorite issue of this series so far. Written by Jason Aaron and drawn by Mahmud Asrar.

Moon Knight #4. “Blackmail” Moon Knight reunites with an old teammate from the West Coast Avengers, Greer Nelson aka Tigra. Stuart Clarke tried to come after Moon Knight by going after his money. Mistake. Written by Jed MacKay and drawn by Alessandro Cappuccio.

The Department of Truth #12. Written by James Tynion IV and drawn by Martin Simmonds. The reality behind Hawk comes to the front and he has some plans for Cole. This issue was solid but it is always a tough read with so much dialogue and exposition. I do enjoy the weird world takes going on. And who doesn’t love black helicopters.

Stillwater #17.Hearts and Minds” The penultimate issue of Stillwater takes things to a drastic level. Galen and his goons are devastating Coldwater and Daniel continues to want to try and win the hearts and minds of the people. Did not turn out well for him. The final issue is coming in March. Looks great.

Captain Carter #3. Written by Jamie McKelvie with art by Marika Cresta. Jamie McKelvie did the cover as well. Peggy discovered that there is some kind of double agent inside S.T.R.I.K.E. and begins to attempt to learn the identity of the traitors. We also get this universe’s version of Tony Stark joining the fun.

UPDATE: As I was working on this post, I got a message from my friend Todd from Comic World that the shop is going to be closed tomorrow because of the inclement weather. It is nice to have the decision taken out of my hands and I do not have to worry about risking anything. That just pushes the new comics back to Thursday (I hope). The only bad bit is that it kind of ruined the introduction to this post. 😦

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