Jay and Silent Bob Reboot (2019)

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I had missed the Fandom presentation of Jay and Silent Bob Reboot a few months ago and I have been unable to see any of the tour dates for the film.  It has been rolled out in a very creative and different manner.  I love Kevin Smith as a speaker, a storyteller.  However, I will admit that I have not been a huge fan of too many of his movies.

Honestly, it is mainly the stoner stuff that I have never been a fan of and it has been a major aspect of Kevin Smith films.

Still the new movie from Kevin Smith was a surprisingly heart-filled film with some real funny moments and a ton of cameos from the oeuvre of Kevin Smith.

Let’s face facts.  This was never going to be an Oscar movie.  Jay and Silent Bob Reboot was silly and had plenty of stupidity going on, but it had some really funny lines and situations.  Being funny always helps out a movie.

Jay and Silent Bob (Jason Mewes, Kevin Smith) head on a road trip to Hollywood in an attempt to stop the new reboot of Bluntman and Chronic directed by Kevin Smith.  Along the way, Jay stopped off in Chicago to see his old flame and he discovered that he had a 18-year old daughter Milly (Harley Quinn Smith) that he never knew he had.  They all headed off to Chronic-Con in Hollywood.

Jason Mewes was surprisingly good as the sudden father,  There was some real great moments between Mewes and Harley Quinn Smith.  I thought this was the best performance she has given yet in any of her father’s films.

By the way, there was a “Martha” joke with Ben Affleck that I laughed at for five minutes.

The movie has a ton of meta jokes and I generally like that idea, especially if they are funny.

I am not sure if this is ever going to get a wide release or if it will just continue to be Kevin Smith travelling around the country doing watch-a-longs with live audiences.  Either way, this is a fun film that you can just enjoy and laugh with.

3.4 stars 

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