Post Americana #1

Post Americana#1

Writer: Steve Skroce

Artist: Steve Skroce

Cover Art: Steve Skroce & Dave Stewart

Sorry Todd, this was as early as I could get to this.

New series released by Image Comics found its way into my pull box because my friend Todd, who works at the comic shop I attend, thought that I would like it. I have been buying more non-Marvel books over the last year and a half and I like giving some of these a chance. This appears to be a six-issue series from Steve Skroce.

How many independent comics deal with a post apocalyptic world? There seems to be a bunch of them. You would think that there would not be any new ideas or premises that we haven’t seen before. And while Post Americana #1 may feel familiar in certain moments, there are some wild moments that make th eissue worthwhile.

I mean… chickens.

I liked how the story presented itself to us as an audience. Instead of just dropping a ton of exposition for the new version of the world the characters are living in, it takes its time and weaves the exposition in and out of the story. I thought it was a creative way to present information without the dangers of an info drop.

Our two main protagonists interest me as well. They make an intriguing pair and I look forward to seeing what will come next with them.

I found the story beat about the wealthy of the world surviving below the surface in their own little bunker as the world ended around them to be filled with a lot of potential story.

The only negative I would say was the art was not my favorite. It is difficult to put into words why I was not a fan. It was fine, and I have certainly seen worse, but there was something about it that made it feel … cartoony. I’m not sure I can explain it to you, but I was distracted by some of the art in the book despite not hating it.

Overall, it was a decent book and Todd was right with his idea that I would like it .

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