Big Hero 6 (2014)

I had some time tonight and found this on Starz. It had been awhile since I had seen Big Hero 6 so I put it on as I was working on the last list.

What a great film this is.

Hiro (Ryan Potter) and Baymax (Scott Adsit) have one of the best relationships you could ever see in a movie. The connection between them so sweet. Baymax unwaveringly caring for Hiro after the death of his brother is as wonderful as you can get. Baymax helps Hiro work through his anger and leads him past the grief.

And he does it in a movie that is laugh out loud funny.

I remember guessing the identity of the villain when I first saw the film back in theaters, but that does not prevent my love for Big Hero 6. In fact, the look of the villain was just one more aspect of how this remarkably cool animated movie was.

Disney Studios took a little known Marvel property and adapted it into an Oscar-winning animated movie that is for all the family. Plus, there was a fantastic yet unexpected Stan Lee cameo at the post credit scene.

To be fair, the film does very little to develop any other of the characters besides Hiro, Baymax and (somewhat) Fred (T.J. Miller). The rest of Big Hero 6 are regulated to the back burner and team member status. I think that was okay as the story was really the story of Hiro and Baymax more than it was the superhero team Big Hero 6. There is only so much time available to the movie and they used it wisely to cover Hiro and Baymax. I know there is an animated series of Big Hero 6, so I would assume that the others would get their background there.

Baymax was one of the most original and creative characters to make the big screen. His dedication to Hiro as his personal healthcare companion is inspiring and you can’t help but love the huggable robot. His character design is amazing, presenting him as what looks like a big pillow. Baymax endures himself to the audience almost immediately and his using tape to plug holes or seeming like he is drunk when his battery is low just makes us love him more.

Big Hero 6 is absolutely filled with that Disney magic. It is wonderful.

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