The Spider-Man 3 Disappointment of the Year

There were more movies that I saw this year that were disappointing to me than previous years. While most of the films this year were in the middle, some that wound up in the middle I anticipated being higher.

There may be movies considered for the Spider-Man 3 Disappointment of the Year Award that I didn’t hate. There are some that just were not as good as I hoped.

Previous recipients:

The Spider-Man 3 Disappointment of the Year 

Previous Winners:  In the Heart of the Sea, The Snowman, Amazing Spider-Man 2, After Earth, Dark Knight Rises, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Batman v. Superman, Christopher Robin, IT: Chapter Two, Tenet

Runners-Up: Encanta. I usually love these movies, but I found this one dull, especially at the first act. Maybe I need to revisit it some time. One I do not have to revisit is Halloween Kills, which was just terrible. The Rock and Ryan Reynolds? Sounds great. Unfortunately, Red Notice was not great. The latest Fast and the Furious film, F9, sent them into space. Ugh. I loved the first Don’t Breathe, but Don’t Breathe 2 took the best parts of the first one and ruined it. I could not cheer for Stephen Lang as the protagonist. Mortal Kombat trailers looked great. Wrong. Eddie Murphy’s Coming2America should have never been made. It was such a disappointment. However, there was one that was even more so.

The Spider-Man 3 Disappointment of the Year: Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins.

Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins shares first trailer | SYFY WIRE

So many issues. While the actors were decent and well cast the fight scenes were unwatchable. They were so shaky you couldn’t see what was happening. We do not see the Snake Eyes outfit until the last few minutes of the movie. And the worst thing was that Snake Eyes was so unlikable. He was the villain. The film did not mean him to be…but he was. This was supposed to be the restart on the G.I. Joe franchise, but this puts that into question.

The Gomer- Surprise of the Year

Every year there are plenty of movies that I go into with low expectations and I come out really enjoying myself. Not just because I had low expectations, but because it was a pretty good movie.

For the biggest surprise movie for the year, we give out the Gomer, based on Gomer Pyle, “Surprise, Surprise, Surprise”

Previous winners:

The Gomer for the Biggest Surprise

Previous Gomer Award Winners:  The Gift, Ferdinand, Edge of Tomorrow, We’re the Millers, The Campaign, Ouija: Origin of Evil, Bumblebee, Crawl, Greenland

Runners-Up: How about a spin off of a film from the very same year? It happened on Netflix with Army of Thieves, a prequel of the Dave Bautista vehicle, the zombie film Army of the Dead. Army of Thieves surpassed the original easily. Venom: Let There Be Carnage was better than the first film. Although as I reflect on it, I find my thoughts slanting toward the negative, it was a film that I liked when I first saw it and I did not think I would. How about a movie with Nic Cage searching for his kidnapped pig? Pig sounded ridiculous but was excellent. Two films I heard about from the Critically Acclaimed podcast included Werewolves Within and PG: Psycho Goreman, both wonderfully surprising. Bob Odenkirk starred in a surprising revenge film called Nobody. It was different than most revenge films. Then, who would have thought that Clifford the Big Red Dog would appear on this list? In fact, Clifford almost won this award.

The Gomer goes to: Free Guy

Free Guy Beat Box Office Expectations, but Theaters Have a Big Problem -  Variety

Who thought Free Guy might be a good movie, let alone one of the biggest successes of 2021? The film had been delayed and was coming out with little fanfare. A clever promo/trailer with Deadpool and Korg doing a trailer reaction helped get some word of mouth going, although honestly, the buzz was more about Deadpool with the MCU character than anything else. However, Free Guy came out and great word of mouth and became a gigantic success with Ryan Reynolds leading the film. Disney, which inherited this during the FOX acquisition, started working on a sequel.

2021 TV

I have not watched too many TV shows over the last few years because it just got too much. However, with the Disney + Marvel shows, I started to dive back into some selected TV shows. I do not cover it as completely as I used to, but I have enough to cover the year in review.

Favorite TV Shows: WandaVision. This was at the beginning of the year and it still becomes my best show of 2021. Love Elizabeth Olson and Paul Bettany. There was a feeling where I started to look forward to Friday’s show drop early in the week.

Runners-Up (in order) #2. Loki #3. Squid Game #4. Hawkeye #5. The Rookie #6. What If…? #7. Falcon & Winter Soldier #8. Sweet Tooth #9. Whose Line Is It Anyway #10. Superman & Lois.

Best Actor (TV Series): Jeremy Renner. This was a surprise for me, but Renner rocked Hawkeye with his tone and his subtle acting style. Close, but give it to Clint Barton.

Runners-Up: #2. Paul Bettany (WandaVision) #3. Tom Hiddleston (Loki) #4. Lee Jung-Jae (Squid Game) #5. Sebastian Stan (Falcon & Winter Soldier) #6. Anthony Mackie (Falcon & Winter Soldier) #7. Nathan Fillon #8. Christian Convery (Sweet Tooth)

Best Actress (TV Series): Elizabeth Olson. There are other great actresses this year, but for my money, Olson dominated her series like none others. She was so fully wonderful.

Runners-Up: #2. Hailee Steinfeld (Hawkeye) #3. Sophia DiMartino (Loki) #4. Bitsie Tullach (Superman & Lois)

Best Supporting Actor (TV Series): Owen Wilson (Loki). Moebius became an amazing fan favorite and when it looked like he had been killed, it was painful. We all want Moebius on that jet ski.

Runners-Up: #2. Carl Lumbly (Falcon and Winter Soldier) #3. Wyatt Russell #4. Nonso Anozie (Sweet Tooth)

Best Supporting Actress (TV Show): Kathryn Hahn (WandaVision). It was Agatha all along. Kathryn Hanh was so entertaining, so brilliant as Agatha Harkness that she is getting her own spin off series.

Runners-Up: #2. Teyonah Parris (WandaVision) #3. Jung Ho-yeon (Squid Game) 4.Melissa O’Neil (The Rookie)

More Winners!

Top animal: Lokigator (Loki). Absolutely loved the variant Loki who was an alligator. Such a creative idea. Runner-Up: Pizza Dog (Hawkeye)

Biggest Shock: It’s Kingpin! (Hawkeye)

Biggest Betrayal of the Audience: The Old Man (Number 001) is behind the whole thing (Squid Game)

Best Network Show: The Rookie (ABC)

Best Guest Star Performance (1 episode): Jonathan Majors (Loki)

Animated Series: What If…?

Most Violent: Invincible (Amazon Prime)

Best Song: It’s Agatha All Along by Kathryn Hahn (WandaVision)

EYG Star of the Year

The EYG Star of the Year is the next award up for the Year in Review and this has always been a tough award to give because it depends on how you are looking at it. Many times, it could be broken into parts. Maybe a star is big during the first few months, but not as big later in the year. Ideally, the Star of the Year carries across the whole calendar.

By the way, there are spoilers below. Proceed with caution.

Previous winners of the EYG Star of the Year:

EYG Star of the Year

Previous Winners Gal Gadot, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jennifer Lawrence, Marvel Studios, J.J. Abrams, Josh Brolin, Damon Lindelof & Regina King, Netflix

As you can see, the Star of the Year is not always a person, Marvel Studios and Netflix having won before.

Runners-Up. There were plenty of choices to consider in 2021. Lin Manuel Miranda, who could have become the first repeat winner after being involved with Into the Heights and Tick, Tick…Boom. Kevin Feige and his aura of control over the Marvel Studios is the reason that studio is so successful. Disney + came out swinging this year with some great Marvel series. “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson is the biggest movie star in the world. Elizabeth Olson and Paul Bettany were in the amazing WandaVision series early in January of the year. Florence Pugh as Yelena in Black Widow and Hawkeye was fabulous too, showing how she is going to be a huge member of the MCU for years to come.

2021 EYG Star of the Year

Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield reacts to 'Tick, Tick…Boom!' acclaim and talks 'Spider-Man'  | WTOP News

Andrew Garfield has had a tremendous year. Not only did he give an unbelievable performance as James Bakker in The Eyes of Tammy Faye. Not only did he star in tick, tick…Boom! and potentially will receive an Oscar nomination for it. But he was also in the biggest movie of the year, Spider-Man: No Way Home, despite spending the entire year denying that he was in it. I’m sure he was tired of fielding the questions about Spidey, but as it came closer, he got stronger with his denials. So much so that I actually wondered if he was telling the truth. Spoiler alert: he wasn’t.

Andrew Garfield has really shown his flexibility in the movies and how he can take on all sorts of roles…and showed that he can sing too!

EYG Movie Trivia Schmoedown Match of the Year

I found this to be the toughest year to rank. Fact is, most of the matches were in the same high quality level that you could not necessarily rank them. I decided to drop the match ranking down to ten this year not because of a lack of quality matches, but because of an excess of matches that are in the same level.

Previous Match of the Year winners:

Movie Trivia Schmoedown Match of the Year

Previous WinnersJTE defeats Drew McWeeny in Sudden Death(2017), Mara Knopic defeated Rachel Cushing in Innergeekdom Tournament (2018), Rachel Cushing defeated Mike Kalinowski in Sudden Death to win the Innergeekdom championship (2019), Dan Murrell defeated Ben Bateman in Sudden Death to win the Movie Trivia Schmoedown Championship (2020)

#10. Marisol McKee defeated Edwin Erwin for the Movie Trivia Schmoedown Championship. While the match was not a standout, the historical implications were off the chart.

#9. Griffin Newman defeated William Bibbiani. Tournament match up that went into sudden death. This was a great match up between two titans of trivia.

#8. Mike Kalinowski defeated Robert Parker at the Spectacular. Kalinowski battled Robert Parker, who had been running rampant through the IG tourney, and he was able to knock back his challenge. Kalinowski continued to etch his name in the annals of MTS IG history.

#7. Brendan Hanna defeated Eric Zipper. This match featured the greatest pep talk of Roxy Striar to Hanna, who was all but defeated. Hanna raged back and defeated the excellent Zipper.

#6. Mara Knopic defeated Chandru Dhandapani for the IG Championship. Mara Knopic returned from time off for health reasons to defeat Chandru, who was looking unbeatable.

#5. Dan Murrell defeated Adam Collins for the Singles Championship. Dan Murrell became a five time champion by defeating the man who took the title from him. The GOAT continued to build on his accolades.

#4. Shazam defeated the New Odd Couple for the Team Championships. With Jeanine the Machine taking the place of the retired Marc Andreyko, Shazam won the titles in a classic battle. The new Odd Couple was behind, but nearly came from behind to hold the titles. However, Shazam claimed the belts.

#3. Marisol McKee defeated Jeanine the Machine. This was the match that nearly upended Marisol’s run to the title. Jeanine looked as if she had the match won, but missed her five point question and ended up falling to Lady Justice.

#2. Shazam defeated Korruption. The second 51-50 match of the year. Korruption battled to the final question, but Shazam did not miss a question and that makes it hard to defeat them.

#1. Andrew Dimalanta defeated Alex Damon for the Star Wars Championship. A double perfect game until the final question in sudden death. What many consider the greatest match in Schmoedown history. It was a display of skill unlike anything we had ever seen and was an epic struggle as Dimalanta unseated the undefeatable champion in Alex Damon.

Match Picks - Alex Damon vs. Andrew Dimalanta - YouTube

Movie Trivia Schmoedown Year in Review

The Movie Trivia Schmoedown dubbed season 8 as War and they had a full season of faction battles unlike any other. The season was filled with great moments, mostly virtual with a few live events mixed in. There were gigantic upsets, comebacks and new stars built. Here are the EYG Year in Review for teh MTS.

Player of the Year: Marisol McKee.

The current singles champion who defended the title twice, joining a small group who also defended twice.

Runners-Up: Griffin Newman, Thomas Harper, Dan Murrell, Mike Kalinowski

Team of the Year: Shazam

Bibs and the Kid are currently on a huge run, ending the season 13-2 overall. They are showing to be dominant and the best team in Schmoedown history.

Runners-Up: Danger Zone, King Arthur, Korruption, Final Exam

Manager of the Year: Tom Dagnino

Finstock had a faction full of rookies, but yet they wound up almost winning the whole thing. It should not have been possible. I am not sure he is the best manager, but the results cannot be argued against.

Runners-Up: Coy Jandreau, Shannon Barney

Rookie of the Year: Griffin Newman

This was the toughest choice to make. Thomas Harper was the other choice, but I decided that since Star Wars is so specialized, that Griffey Newms, who was dominant in teams and singles, and did not lose until Spectacular, tops the undeniably impressive Star Wars Champion.

Runner-Up: Thomas Harper.

Faction of the Year: Korruption.

I almost gave this to The Quirky Mercs, but Korruption had to fight back for the second year in a row and took the faction title. They were very deserving.

Runners-Up: The Quirky Mercs, The Finstock Exchange

Best Tournament of the Year: The Singles Tournament

A massive tournament that had 32 players. Griffin Newman won the whole thing.

Runners-Up: Team tournament, First teams tournament

Face of the Year: Shazam

There is no better face than the team of William Bibbiani and The Kid Brendan Meyer. They are so respectful and just wanting to have fun defending their titles. They are exceptionally good people.

Runners-Up: Dan Murrell, Mara Knopic, Jeanine the Machine

Heel of the Year: Shannon Barney

No one is more of a heel than the manager of Korruption. She can make you just hate hearing what she says while you hate the fact that she is telling the truth.

Runners-Up: Tom Dagnino, Chandru Dhandapani, Ben Bateman

Moment of the Year: Marisol McKee wins the title.

History was made when Marisol defeated Ethan Erwin and became the first ever woman to hold the singles title. Lady Justice deserved this moment.

Shock of the Year: Wildberries reunite.

WILD. BERRIES! After Shannon dumped Elliot Dewberry at the Spectacular, Josh “Wildman” Macuga found his way back to his old partner and the Wildberries returned to the MTS.

Best Promo: Kevin Smets returns at Spectacular.

After a year plus battle with cancer, Kevin Smets returned to shut up Chandru at the end of Spectacular and he was rocking the night. The Smasher dominated the mike.

Runner-Up: John Rocha’s retirement speech.

Best Innergeekdom Player of the Year: Mike Kalinowski

Kalinowski is the greatest IG player of all time and he defended that title three times this year, in a couple of matches that he looked like he was going to lose, but pulled out. That sounded like destiny to me.

Runners-Up: Robert Parker, Mara Knopic, Chandru Dhandapani

Best Star Wars Player of the Year: Thomas Harper

Thomas Harper came into the league with great hype from Dragon Con and he lived up to every bit of it. He was dominant in a division that does not allow mistakes.

Runners-Up: Andrew Dimalanta, Laura Kelly, Nicki Dimalanta, Gold Leader

Exhibition Match of the Year: Dan Murrell vs. John Rocha, One Last Ride

Though the match itself was not down to the last question, the importance of The Outlaw retiring was above all else in the match.

Comeback of the Year: JTE

JTE came rolling back into the MTS after a couple of years and didn’t miss a step. In fact, I think he was even better this year than in his past.

Runners-Up: Mara Knopic, Ethan Erwin

Match of the Year: Still coming….

Rankings for Schmoedown Competitors — Movie Trivia Schmoedown - The  Schmoedown Live!

“I See Kid Actors” Award

Every year we have some fantastic performances from young actors and actresses who are under 18 years of age. There have been plenty of kids over the years that have been…let’s just say…less than competent in acting. A poor kid actor can derail a project completely.

However, there have been plenty of outstanding performances too over the years and so this award has been given to those exceptional young actors.

Previous winners:

I See Kid Actor Award 

Previous Winners:  Emjay Anthony (Chef), Jacob Trembley (Room), Millie Bobby Brown (Stranger Things), Dafne Keen (Logan), Elsie Fisher (Eighth Grade), Noah Jupe (Honey Boy), McKenna Grace (Troop Zero)

I have a list of 12 youth actors for 2021.

#12. Lia McHugh (Eternals). McHugh played Sprite in Eternals from Marvel Studios. Sprite was a constant teen for centuries and she resented that. McHugh was on screen with a massively talented ensemble and she carried herself well.

#11. Caleb McLaughlin (Concrete Cowboys). One of the stars of Stranger Things, Caleb branched out into a Netflix film called Concrete Cowboys this year where he played opposite of Idris Elba.

#10. Archie Barnes (The Dig). Another Netflix film, The Dig features the young Archie Barnes, a British actor and he helped make this one of the better Netflix films of the year.

#9. Noah Jupe (Quiet Place 2). A former winner of this award, Noah Jupe is one of the best young actors in Hollywood today. Every time he appears in a film, you can count on a great performance from him.

#8. John Hillard & Jeff Klyne (WandaVision). Wanda Maximoff’s children in the Disney + series WandaVision, Billy and Tommy touched our hearts with their humor and their super powers before disappearing in the finale.

#7. Logan Kim (Ghostbusters: Afterlife). Playing a character called Podcast, Logan Kim provided some solid comedic work opposite the excellent McKenna Grace in the new Ghostbusters movie.

#6. Benjamin Flores Jr (Fear Street). Appearing in all three of the films in the Netflix horror trilogy, Flores Jr. was one of the most constant performers of the series.

#5. McKenna Grace (Ghostbusters: Afterlife). Last year’s winner was the heart of the new Ghostbusters movie. As Egon’s granddaughter, much of the emotional depth of the film went through her character and she is always up to the task.

#4. Christian Convery (Sweet Tooth). As the title character Sweet Tooth, Christian Convery gave an amazing performance as our favorite half-human and half deer boy. He was cuter than heck and carried all of the powerful work on the show.

#3. Luke David Blumm (Son). A surprise horror film where the young boy falls ill and his mother has to try and protect him from his past. Luke David Blumm gives a powerful performance.

#2. Jude Hill (Belfast). This was a tough choice this year and I almost made Jude Hill’s performance in Belfast as the winner. He reminded me very much of Roman Griffin Davis in Jojo Rabbit, which is about as high of praise as I can give.

And the winner this year is

#1. Jeremy T. Thomas (Antlers)

Antlers' Review – Surprisingly Dark and Effective – DiscussingFilm

Another horror movie performance, Jeremy T. Thomas was everything in Antlers as he was the center of everything. He was so powerful in every minute of the film and he so deserved this award.

Congrats, Jeremy.

The Christopher Reeve Memorial Comic Book Movie of the Year

We started honoring the comic book movie of the year last year, but we went years into the past to pick a winner every year since 1989. Of course, the last decade and a half was much more difficult than the years prior. We just get more comic book movies now than we did then.

Here are the previous winners of this award:

The Christopher Reeve Memorial Comic Book Movie of the Year

Previous WinnersBatman (1989), Dick Tracy (1990), The Rocketeer (1991), Batman Returns (1992), Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (1993), The Crow (1994), Batman Forever (1995), The Phantom (1996), Men in Black (1997), Blade (1998), Mystery Men (1999), X-Men (2000), From Hell (2001), Spider-Man (2002), X2:X-Men United (1993), Spider-Man 2 (1994), V for Vendetta (2005), 300 (2006), Superman: Doomsday (2007), The Dark Knight (2008), Watchmen (2009), Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010), Captain America: First Avenger (2011), The Avengers (2012), Iron Man 3 (2013), Captain America: Winter Soldier & Guardians of the Galaxy [tie] (2014), Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015), Captain America: Civil War (2016), Logan (2017), Avengers: Infinity War (2018), Avengers: Endgame (2019), Birds of Prey (2020)


There were several solid comic book movies in 2021 and here are the runners-up.

Runners-Up: Black Widow was a great movie that was long overdue. It is sad that it came after Scarlet Johansson’s death in Avengers: Endgame. We see a prequel from the Black Widow and are introduced to her sister Yelena, the ever epic Florence Pugh. Eternals was better than I anticipated despite the critics’ strange complaints about it. The Suicide Squad was a lot of fun from James Gunn, even though I did not think Starro looked as good as I thought it might. For much of the year, I though Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings was going to be the winner of this award as it was an amazing debut with great characters and lots of mind blowing action. However, there was another film that took the award.

Winner: Spider-Man: Far From Home

The Spider-Man: No Way Home We'll Never See | Den of Geek
Last-minute Spider-Man: No Way Home leaks confirm some of the movie's big  spoilers
Spider-Man: No Way Home review – scattered fun in ambitious sequel |  Spider-Man | The Guardian

Yes, the brand new Spider-Man: No Way Home is the best comic book movie of the year. It is filled with surprises and amazing character development. Tom Holland gave his best performance ever, in any movie. Willem Dafoe is terrifying as Norman Osborn. There are moment of humor, pain, emotion, family, friendship and loss.

The film, as of the time of this writing, had made $121 million on Friday (which includes $50 million for Thursday night previews) and is on its way to a massive haul of money.

The Anna Devane Kick Ass Female Award

There have been some years where I have struggled to fill out a list of ten women for this “kick-ass” award, named after my all-time favorite General Hospital super spy. This year, I had a long list of possible choices. I cut it down to a Top 12 list.

Here are the honorable mentions that did not make the top 12: Raya (Raya and the Last Dragon)m Harley Quinn (The Suicide Squad), Deena (Fear Street trilogy), Bianca Belair (WWE), Wonder Woman (The Snyder cut), Phoebe (Ghostbusters: Afterlife), Valerie Young (Copshop), Lindy (Jolt), Regan (A Quiet Place 2).

Previous winners:

The Anna Devane Kick Ass Female Award

Previous winners:  Rey (Star Wars), Mockingbird (Marvel Comics), Wonder Woman (DCEU), The Shirewolves, Captain Marvel, Kamala Harris

#12. (Tie) Stagecoach Mary & Treacherous Trudy (Harder They Fall).

#11. (Tie) Thena & Makkari (Eternals)

#10. Xialing (Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings)

#9. Agatha Harkness (WandaVision)

#8. (Tie) Evil-Lyn & Teela (Masters of the Universe: Revelations)

#7. Elektra as Daredevil (Daredevil comics)

#6. Sae-byeok (Squid Game)

#5. Kate Bishop (Hawkeye). Hailee Steinfeld is awesome in the Hawkeye series as one of the world’s greatest archers who looks up to Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton.

#4. Black Widow (Black Widow). Natasha Romanoff finally received her own solo film, about 8 years too late. She is also a major feature of the Hawkeye Disney + show, being a huge factor in Clint Barton’s story.

#3. Sylvie (Loki). A Loki variant that has become one of the best new characters of the MCU. She is kind of a combo between The Enchantress and Lady Loki from the comics, but Sylvie became a huge factor in the series that opened up the multiverse and sent Kang upon us.

#2. Yelena (Black Widow & Hawkeye). Florence Pugh is an absolute star. She was the best part of the Black Widow movie and she appeared as a huge guest star in Hawkeye. She is so awesome that she is going to continue to kick ass everywhere.

#1. Wanda Maximoff (WandaVision)– Yes, The Scarlet Witch is the kick ass female of the year. Without a doubt, Wanda created a new reality in Westview, New Jersey and created a perfect life for herself with Vision and two kids. She showed exactly how powerful she is and she has a chance to win this again next year as she joins Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

How WandaVision's Doctor Strange 2 Connection Evolved | Den of Geek


2021 saw an explosion of reactors/commenters/content providers on YouTube. The list doubled from the past. Everybody has a channel and a Patreon and is reviewing movies or TV Shows or reacting.

Just make sure to like, subscribe and comment… don’t forget to hit that bell for notifications.


#20. Action Industries. Ben Bateman and Andrew Ghai are notable performers from the Schmoedown and they react and talk about movies, the Schmoedown, TV and their lives. The chemistry and friendship between them is the selling factor for their “Action Army.”

#19. The Movie Couple. Wendy and Dustin, I have enjoyed their reactions to the Marvel Disney + shows in particular. They are so reactive to the shows that it is fun to watch.

#18. Roxy Striar. Live at the Roxy is one of the times we have seen Roxy and her opinions. She is outspoken, opinionated and oh so funny.

#17. Mr. Lboyd Reacts. The most recent discovery on YouTube, Mr. Lboyd’s reactions, especially to Weird Al Yankovic songs, have been enjoyable. He responds to the videos in an original way.

#16. Jamel-AKA-Jamal. Another reactor to music and other things. This channel went through a stretch when I was watching everything from him. I even bought a couple of t-shirts from his store.

#15. Jeremy Jahns. Jeremy reviews movies and he has always been someone who I felt like shared my opinions. Jeremy became more ragged during the pandemic, but he still is one of my favorite personalities on YouTube.

#14. Late to the Party. Robert and Vanessa. Another pair that reacts to pop culture. I have especially enjoy the Marvel Disney + series that they react to.

#13. John Campea. John has a daily show where he makes lists and repeats things over and over. Still, he is knowledgeable and funny. His reactions to Marvel shows and other pop culture are original and straightforward. Bring on the filthy.

#12. Dan Murrell. Dan Murrell was one of my favorite personalities during his Screen Junkies and Schmoedown days. Dan started his own channel and he thrived with movie reviews and discussions of box office results. Dan’s personality is what sells his channel.

#11. SEN Live. This was one of my favorite shows earlier in the year. A comedy show with a rotating cast of commenters, SEN Live was outrageous and funny. Since it moved to Twitch, I have not seen it as much, but some of the first half of the year was spent enjoying this show.

#10. New Rockstars. Erik Voss and his crew that spends his days combing through trailers and shows looking for every Easter egg imaginable and throwing out wild theories that may be possible. Mephisto anyone?

#9. Settle the Score. Matt Knost, from the Top 10 Show, and musical director Andy Merryweather have a music movie trivia show. Do you know what movie a song is from? How about a score? How many notes do you need to identify a score? Settle the Score is a fun show with two great personalities.

#8. The Geek Buddies. The. Geek. Buddies. Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. John Rocha, Michael Vogel and Shannon McClung talk about the geekiest items in the world of pop culture. Their friendship and connection is the biggest attraction to watch them. They have wonderful thoughts and they are very knowledgeable. Their Marvel Disney + reviews have been epic.

#7. The Reel Rejects. Greg Alba and John Humphreys react to all matter of videos and pop culture. I have especially enjoyed their reactions to New Rockstar videos. Greg and John are clearly friends and that comes across the screen.

#6. Ups and Downs. What Culture’s wrestling show with Simon Miller as he reviews the wrestling shows RAW, Smackdown and the PPVs and he gives the good bits an up and the bad bits a down. He spent a chunk of the year counting the “most dangerous move in all of sports entertainment”- the surprise roll up.

#5. Ashleigh Burton. Ashleigh is a millennial who likes to watch classic movies for the first time and rate them… sometimes with the help of her cat, Beans. Ashleigh is funny and quick witted. She has been the biggest surprise on YouTube for me in 2021.

#4. Top 10. Still one of my favorite shows, The Top 10 is John Rocha and Matt Knost giving their lists of certain movie topics every week and then combining them into one list as a show. Their banter is a highlight as is their potential disagreements.

#3. Fatman Beyond. Kevin Smith and Marc Bernardin give their opinions on pop culture in a humorous and poignant manner. Filming at the Scum and Villainy Cantina in California (with Bamf Man), Kevin cracks the jokes, Marc brings the news and the charisma between them is perfect.

#2. pReview’d. It’s Jay… and Adam… it’s pReview’d! I discovered these two this year and I love their reactions. They are so funny and they react with such emotions. Watching Adam break down in happiness because of a Masters of the Universe trailer or sob uncontrollably over Squid Game, or seeing Jay in horror over USAgent’s brutal attack in “Winter Falcon” have been highlights. I have watched their material multiple times because their reactions are so pure.

pReview'd with Adam and Jay is creating Pop Culture Comedy Videos | Patreon

#1. The Movie Trivia Schmoedown. Again this year, the MTS has been a huge hit. The trivia show that is so much more. The brainchild of Kristian Harloff and Mark Ellis, the MTS has become a huge league featuring Singles, Teams, Innergeekdom and Star Wars divisions. Some of the trivia is insane but it is more than answers. It is strategies, personalities and entertainment. Season 8 was named WAR. Season 9 will be Reboot. Excited to see where this goes.

Movie Trivia Schmoedown (@TheSchmoedown) / Twitter
Look at the stats of the current... - Movie Trivia Schmoedown | Facebook
Movie Trivia Schmoedown - How well do you know Star Trek? Have you bought  your tickets for New York yet!? | Facebook

The Kurt Russell EGO De-aging Award

This is one of the newer awards we have added at EYG Year in Review because the trend of de-aging is becoming a regular occurrence in some movies and TV shows. It gives the opportunity for flashbacks that are not just putting a wig on an old guy’s head.

Previous winners:

The Kurt Russell EGO De-Aging Award

Previous Winners:  Robert DeNiro (The Irishman), Mark Hamill (The Mandalorian)

Runners-Up: Tony Todd (Candyman), Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall (Coming2America), David Harbour (Black Widow)

To be honest, this year’s winner is perhaps the best example of this technology so far. He looked so great in the movie that he appeared in and the CGI on his face just just flawless.

Winner: Alfred Molina as Doc Ock in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Spider-Man: No Way Home' Clip Offers New Look At Doc Ock Battle

The John Carter Memorial Award

Flop. A flop does not necessarily a bad movie make. There have been good movies that failed at the box office for whatever reason. Just this week, the exceptional West Side Story remake from Steven Spielberg only made around 10 million in its opening weekend.

Still, flops do happen and the John Carter Memorial Award is here to remember these attempts at success one last time.

John Carter Memorial Award

Previous winners:  John Carter, Alice Through the Looking Glass, The Lone Ranger, A Million Ways to Die in the West, Expendables 3, Jem and the Holograms, Pan, Rock the Casbah, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, Robin Hood (2018), Mortal Engines, Playmobil: The Movie, The Rhythm Section

2021 Winner…


The Weekend Warrior Blog — The Weekend Warrior 8/20/21 - REMINISCENCE,  PAW...

The Hugh Jackman science fiction film made a whole 2 million dollars on its opening weekend and finished 9th for the week. It was the worst opening of all-time by a film playing in over 3,000 theaters. It had an estimated $110 million dollar overall budget. Warner Brothers released the film both in the theaters and on HBO Max, which could have only hurt the box office for the film.

The Avengers: Endgame Ensemble of the Year

Sometimes a movie does not have an obvious lead actor or actress and, instead, has a group of characters that all serve the story. The group is recognized with this award.

Previous Winners

The Avengers: Endgame Ensemble Cast of the Year Award

Previous Winners:  Avengers: Endgame, The Trial of the Chicago 7

Runners-Up: Marvel’s Eternals is a perfect example of the ensemble cast. We meet a whole flock of new characters in Chloé Zhao‘s epic. James Gunn put out another great super hero…well, maybe a super villain… film this year called The Suicide Squad. It was a top notch ensemble too including Margot Robbie, Sylvester Stallone and John Cena, to name a few. West Side Story has a great ensemble for the remake of the 1961 Oscar winner. Fear Street was a three film series released on Netflix for three weeks with a group of actors who played different characters in the different time periods.

Winner: In the Heights

Movie Review: 'In the Heights'

Lin Manuel-Miranda’s stage play made the leap to the big screen in 2021 and the cast was just tremendous. Along with Manuel-Miranda, there was Anthony Ramos, Leslie Grace, Olga Merediz, Jimmy Smits, Corey Hawkins, Melissa Barrera, Dascha Polanco, Ariana Greenblatt, Stephanie Beatriz, Rita Moreno, Marc Anthony, Gregory Diaz IV, Daphne Rubin-Vega, and Noah Catala.

World of WWE

The WWE has had its ups and downs this year. Finally finding the crowds back helped the product a lot, but they also fired a ton of HUGE names this year, from Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman to the most recent Jeff Hardy.

I am a WWE fan and it is the only wrestling that I watch. I did peek in on AEW this year, especially with the return of CM Punk (which was an incredible moment), but I just am not interested in expanding outward.

So here are my choices for the WWE Awards in 2021.

Match of the Year

10. Men’s War Games. Black and Gold vs. NXT 2.0. Lots of violence and good storytelling.

9. Roman Reigns vs, Cesaro (Wrestlemania Backlash). If only Cesaro would be allowed to maintain a main event push.

8. Drew McIntyre vs. Sheamus (Monday Night RAW). These two had several brutal encounters, but I liked this one most, sans stipulation.

7. Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan (Fastlane). Bryan gave his all but came up short to the Head of the Table. They will appear again…

6. Sasha Banks vs. Bianca Belair (Wrestlemania 37). The highlight of night one of the two night Wrestlemania. Started the year well for Bianca Belair.

5. Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match (Money in the Bank). Big E! Big E! Big E! Nuff Said.

4. Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte (Survivor Series). Becky’s emotional promo after the match showed how this match crossed the lines.

3. Walter vs. Ciampa (NXT Takeover: Stand & Deliver). Woof. Two men just beating the crap out of each other. I really thought Ciampa had a chance.

2. Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan (Smackdown). A televised match #2? When it is Daniel Bryan’s last WWE match, then yeah.

#1. Walter vs. Ilja Dragunov (NXT Takeover 36). Rematch of one of the best matches from 2020, this was brutal and hard hitting. Dragunov finally ending Walter’s stranglehold on the NXT European Championship is only part of the story. The ending was as dramatic as could be as he got Walter to tap out.

FULL MATCH - WALTER vs. Ilja Dragunov II – NXT UK Championship Match: NXT  TakeOver 36 - YouTube

Male Wrestler of the Year: Roman Reigns. Runners Up: Bobby Lashley, Seth Rollins, Walter, Edge, Big E

Roman Reigns has been the most consistent performer in WWE today.

Roman Reigns (@WWERomanReigns) / Twitter

Female Wrestler of the Year: Bianca Belair. Runners-Up: Becky Lynch, Charlotte, Rachel Ginzalez, Io Sharai.

Belair was the focal point for much of the year and had great matches with everyone.

Tag Team of the Year: RK-Bro. Runners Up: Usos, The New Day, Street Profits, AJ Styles & Omos

The most unlikely duo of the year became the only reason to watch RAW during a stretch earlier this year. Randy Orton and Riddle have been gold.

RK-Bro Def. AJ Styles & Omos To Win The Raw Tag Team Championship • Read  unlimited News all the world daily

Manager of the Year: MVP. Runners-Up: Paul Heyman, Scarlett

MVP was great this year, but the role of manager is a lost art.

On the Mike: Edge. Runners-Up: Paul Heyman, Roman Reigns, MVP, Seth Rollins

Edge has been amazing on promos this year against Randy Orton, Seth Rollins and now Miz.

Feud of the Year: Seth Rollins vs. Edge. Runners-Up: LA Knight vs. Cameron Grimes, Usos vs. New Day, Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan.

Seth and Edge were a hoot together. When Seth went to Edge’s house… top notch.

Underused Performer: Kevin Owens. Runners-Up: Cesaro, Chad Gable, Asuka

At least Cesaro got a short run this year. Owens has all kinds of starts and stops when it comes to his pushes.

Comeback of the Year: Becky Lynch. Runners-Up: Samoa Joe, Edge

Becky came back and won the title from Bianca Belair in 20 seconds. Becky had a new heel character and a renewed dedication.

Celebrity of the Year: Bad Bunny. Runners-Up: Logan Paul, John Cena

Easy one. Bad Bunny was awesome and delivered one of the best celebrity matches ever at Wrestlemania when he teamed with Damien Priest to defeat Miz and Morrison.

Bad Bunny & Damian Priest show out at WrestleMania: WrestleMania 37- Night  1 (WWE Network Exclusive) - YouTube

Face of the Year: Big E. Runners-Up: Edge, RK-Bro, King Woods

Big E cracked through that glass ceiling this year by first winning the Money in the Bank contract and then cashing it in against Bobby Lashley to win the WWE title to the joy of everybody! That is the power of positivity.

Heel of the Year: Roman Reigns. Runners-Up: Seth Rollins, Bobby Lashley, Charlotte, Jay Uso, Karrion Kross

Another easy one. Reigns has been playing his role to perfection.

Storyline of the Year: Formation of RK-Bro. Runners-Up: Roman Reigns respect,

I said it earlier, but Randy Orton and Riddle were the only bright spot on RAW for about two months.

I loved it, but the rest of the world, not so much Award: Zombies appear to have consumed Miz

I’m sorry to everyone else, but I found this to be a great time and I loved every ridiculous second of it.

The Miz Gets Eaten By Zombies At WrestleMania Backlash

Best Broadcaster: Pat McAfee.

Pat brings an unmistakable energy to the booth and seems to have great chemistry with Michael Cole.

Breakout Star of 2022: Bron Breakker.

TERRIBLE name. Massive superstar. Son of Rick Steiner is going to be huge sooner rather than later. Of course, I thought the same thing of Karrion Kross.

Can't Knock The Hustle: Can Bron Breakker Breakk The Vince McMahon Curse?

The EYG Stan Lee Movie Cameo Award


The movie cameo is always one of the most fun things to have happen. When someone unexpected, whether that be a famous actor, an unexpected character or a sports figure shows up in the movie, it creates a buzz. The late, great Stan Lee was the master of the cameo as he appeared in a huge list of Marvel films from X-Men to Avengers: Endgame. So much so that we named this award after him (and he won it several times himself)

Previous Winners

The EYG Stan Lee Movie Cameo Award

Previous winners:  Stan Lee (three times), John Cena, Chris Evans, Sigourney Weaver, Hugh Jackman, Yoda, J.K. Simmons, Harrison Ford, Rudy Giuliani

2021 Runners-Up: I found this to be a tough choice this year as none of the cameos stood out. Marvel has its typical cameos in their movies including Benedict Wong and the character of Abomination in Shang Chi: The Legend of the Ten Rings, and Harry Styles in Eternals. I thought about giving this to Styles, except I did not know who he was when he first walked on the screen. I was excited about Starfox, but the buzz in my theater certainly told me that I was missing something. A quick Google check later and I realized what it was. The original surviving Ghostbusters was nice in Ghostbusters: Afterlife, but honestly, they felt like too much of a deus ex machina. Michael B. Jordan was EASILY the best part of the new Space Jam movie. I would have liked to give it to Ed Asner in memoriam, but his appearance in Muppet Haunted Mansion was too easily missed. RIP Ed. Morgan Freeman appeared in cameos in both the Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard and Coming2America, but the quality of both movies hurt his chances.

And the winner, was actually the first name that popped into my head when compiling the possible choices, and he is now a two time winner!

Chris Evans (Free Guy)

FREE GUY "Chris Evans/Captain America Cameo" Clip [HD] Ryan Reynolds, Jodie  Comer, Joe Keery - YouTube

This was one of the best jokes in the whole movie, a Ryan Reynolds, who was a character in a video game, pulled out Captain America’s shield in a fight that was being broadcast everywhere and Cap himself, Chris Evans was watching on his phone. Evans responded with very unlike-Cap language in response.

It was a hoot and brings Evans his second Stan Lee Cameo Award. The first time winning was for his appearance as Loki (who shape-shifted into Cap) in Thor: The Dark World.