TV Streaming 2018- Year in Review

The most shows I watched in 2018 came from the streaming services although,it sure seems as if Netflix has been going on a canceling binge of their own.  Several of this list has been cancelled by Netflix so next year’s list could look considerably different.

Starting off with #13…

#13.  Lost in Space (Netflix).  I know some did not like this.  I saw EW name this the worst show of the year.  I can’t believe that since I enjoyed the show.  I liked the different take on the classic show.  Not sure I liked the ending.but on the whole, I liked this.

#12.  Orange is the New Black (Netflix).  There was just something about this season of episodes that did not catch my attention.  I have not seen the ending of the series yet and I am not sure when I am going to do so.  I know it was announced that the next season will be Orange’s finals one so maybe I need to go back and finish the season.

#11.  Iron Fist (Netflix).  Iron Fist season 2 was considerably better than season one.  Unlike most people, I did not hate season one, but there is no denying that it is not as high of quality as the other Netflix Marvel shows.

#10.  A Series of Unfortunate Events (Netflix).  I enjoyed season two more than season one.  Nathan Fillion made a guest appearance and brought the goods.  Unfortunately, he did not survive the season.  Season three of this series is also the last one so we should see a conclusion to the story of the Baudelaire orphans.

#9.  Luke Cage.  This was a really great series, but I was not sure I liked the way the series ended.  Plus, now that Netflix cancelled this one, that is the end that Luke Cage will have to end with.  Mixed feelings on that for sure.

#8. Castle Rock (Hulu). The first non-Netflix show on the list, the Stephen King mash up int he city of Castle Rock was a really strong show.  Admittedly, it slowed a bit for my tastes in the middle, but it did not take away from the series.

#7.  Santa Clarita Diet (Netflix). This is such a funny show.  Nathan Fillion is here too (or was) as a severed head that is still “living.”  The show takes steps that few comedies do and it pays off in spades.  I love the pairing of Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant.

#6.  Cobra Kai (YouTube Red).  One of the biggest surprises of the year.  This series that continues the story of the Karate Kid via the enemy karate dojo should never have worked but it was so good.  It had no right to be this awesome.

Image result for jessica jones season 2#5.  Jessica Jones (Netflix).  Some did not like season two of Jessica Jones, but I thought it was some of the best work we got.  The character of Jessica Jones is really delved into and we learn and meet her mother.  The arrival of Jessica’s believe to be dead mother really kicked the series into overdrive.  Plus, we got the continued push toward Hellcat in the MCU.

Image result for glow season 2#4.  Glow (Netflix).  I binged Glow season two in a night.  These 10 episode, half hour comedies on Netflix are such an easy binge that they should do more of them.  Glow was amazing this season as we continued with the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling struggling to become a success.  The episode that was basically the wrestling storyline episode “The Good Twin” was off the charts.


Image result for the tick amazon#3.  The Tick (Amazon Prime).  The second half of season one came to Amazon and brought with it so much Tick goodness that it reminded me how much I loved that character and the world in which he inhabits.  Peter Serafinowicz has won me over as the big blue bug of justice.


Image result for daredevil season 3#2.  Daredevil (Netflix) Season three of Daredevil was fantastic and so when it was announced that Netflix had cancelled it, it was a shock to say the least.  This season brought back the Kingpin of Crime to the front burner and included the arrival of Bullseye.  Again, the villains of this series continue to be the best of the Marvel TV Universe.  Hopefully we will be able to see some of these characters again somewhere inside the MCU.


Image result for american vandal season 2#1.  American Vandal (Netflix) Another cancelled series, American Vandal was absolutely hilarious and I loved it completely.  American Vandal was another one night binge and I really appreciated that.  This season tried to uncover the identity of the Turd Burglar.  The mystery this season is better than season one’s mystery (although I think season one was funnier overall).  There are some characters in this season that are just transcendent.  I am sad that we will not get another season from this consistently funny show.  Hopefully someone will pick up the show for a season three.

TV- Network 2018 Year in Review

My choice of programs on network television have been slowing over the last few years with most of the list being shows that come on for shortened runs and then go away.  I have very few full seasons of TV on here.

I truly believe that is the eventual way we will be moving, not only on cable and streaming but also network in the very near future.

Here are my choices for network TV

Related image#10. Scandal (ABC).  I used to love this show.  Now, I was very thankful that it ended when it did.  There was way too much character assassination going on around Scandal as characters were doing things that I did not believe they would have.  I am not sure the show ever recovered from Olivia Pope’s kidnapping.  There were still moments that kept it on this list, but certainly nowhere near where it once was.


Image result for riverdale season 3#9.  Riverdale (CW).  This is another show that has been falling down for me.  The second season was very hit and miss (with a big miss on the Black Hood storyline) but a fun musical episode.  I have not watched much in season three at this point and so it is hard for me to say if it has improved.  I saw one episode of season three and it was uneventful.


Image result for season 2 designated survivor#8.  Designated Survivor (ABC).  It started at ABC, but it was cancelled after a second season.  It was a decent show that I enjoyed.  Killing off FLOTUS was ballsy and lead to some good television.  However, the end is not the end as President Kirkman’s presidency has been saved by Netflix so we will continue to see the adventures of Kiefer Sutherland in the Oval Office.


Related image#7.  Gotham (FOX).  It was near the top of the list last season, but it slipped in the second half and the final season has yet to debut.  The whole Jeremiah story felt forced and just a way to shock us.  Bruce Wayne became even more of a jerk.  There was some decisions made that should have had more consequences than it had.  The fifth season coming up in 2019 is the final one and I think that is a positive thing.


Image result for x files season 11#6.  The X-Files (FOX).  The season 11 is reportedly the final season for the FBI most unwanted.  Or at least, it is the final season that Gillian Anderson is playing Dana Scully.  She told Mulder that she was pregnant in the finale of season 11, one of several true shocks…including the apparent death of their son, who wasn’t actually Mulder’s son.  He was created by the Cigarette Smoking Man in a lab.  Whoa.


Image result for nathan fillion the rookie#5.  The Rookie (ABC).  The only new network program to make the list is here mainly on the strength of Nathan Fillion’s return to TV.  I have been enjoying the story being told each week and Fillion is always charming and fun to watch.  The Rookie has a nice blend of humor and action and some interesting characters.  I am looking forward to how this continues on after the midseason break.


Image result for gong show season two acts#4.  The Gong Show.  I don’t know why I like this show so much.  It really is silliness, but I looked forward to it every week. Now they did make a terrible mistake by removing the Sing-a-long section with Albert (oh, how I missed Shaving Cream), but the acts were always amazing.  Michael Myers in his host costume does a great job and has a lot of fun.


Image result for whose line chip esten returns#3.  Whose Line is it Anyway (CW).  An all-time classic.  This past season continued with the great comedy made up on the spot.  It was great to see old favorite return (Chip Esten made an appearance) as well as our old favorites Colin, Ryan and Wayne.



Image result for match game 2018#2.  The Match Game (ABC).  Alec Baldwin is amazing as the host of Match Game.  This show is so much fun and Baldwin brings just the right amount of snark to the host gig.  The double entendres and euphemisms are really LOL but this year one contestant put Alec on the floor with her non-euphemism.  It was unbelievably hilarious.


Related image#1. Agents of SHIELD (ABC).  This show just keeps going and getting better and better.  This year the agents found themselves in a horrific future where people believed that Quake tore the earth apart with her powers.  They had to find their way back to their world and then stop Graviton from doing just that.  Along the way, we get amazing team chemistry and the epic Phil Coulson.   With Phil and May being left off in Tahiti to await for Phil’s death, the upcoming season of SHIELD could be one that makes us all sad.

TV- YouTube 2018 Year in Review

There is a great deal of content available on YouTube that is every bit as entertaining, if not more so, than what is being presented on network or cable TV.  Here is the top 10 of the year 2018.

#10.  Movie Bob Reviews.  I enjoy the wit of Movie Bob.  I do not always agree with his assessments of the films he is reviewing, but that is the beauty of film commentary.  Two people can see the same movie in completely different ways.  And I always get a laugh from Movie Bob.

#9.  Josh Macuga plays horror video games.  This is a series of videos from Collider that highlight Josh Maguca, one of their employees, playing VR games.  Nothing to that, you say?  Well, the hook here is that Josh Macuga is one of the most easily scared individuals on the internet and his reactions to the scary imagery in these games is sidesplitting fun.  His screams seem fake, but he assures us, they are not.

#8.  SJU.  Screen Junkies Universe.   They discuss the latest movie news with some of the more engaging critics on the internet.  Dan Murrell, Joe Starr, Roth Cornet, Spencer Gilbert among many others fill the time with witticism and criticism.  This is also the crew behind the successful Honest Trailers.

#7. Honest Trailers.  Speaking of Honest Trailers, here it is.  Three time Emmy nominated, Honest Trailers picks a different movie each week and makes a trailer that pokes fun at it.  However, the best part is the trailer commentaries that they have which, many times, includes the creators of the films themselves.

#6.  Collider Movie Review Talk.  Starring Scott “Movie” Mantz and two revolving critics a week, this show reviews the week’s new releases and gives you recommendations for streaming movies or Blu-ray films.  Scott Mantz’s over-sized personality is the selling point of this show which drops on Collider every Friday.

Image result for collider movie talk mark ellis#5.  Collider Movie Talk.  This is one of the longest running movie talk programs on YouTube.  Mark Ellis is you host of this show that runs Monday through Thursday in the evening hours.  They also have a revolving panel of guests featuring personalities such as John Rocha, Perri Nemiroff, Jeff Snyder, Mark Reilly etc.

Image result for Fatman beyond#4.  Fatman Beyond.  The new title for Fatman on Batman, a podcast that includes Kevin Smith and Marc Bernardin talking to fans about the events happening in pop culture.  The show is now recorded at the Star wars inspired Scum and Villainy Cantina in Los Angeles.  Kevin Smith is a natural story teller and Marc Bernardin is one of the smartest people around.  They are fun together and they have an easy chemistry with each other.


Image result for collider live#3.  Collider Live.  At one time, Kristian Harloff and Mark Ellis, the Schmoes, had a show that they recorded live every week.  It involved movie discussion along with all kinds of silliness and overall wild behavior.  That show had to go on hold for a while but this year, Harloff brought the concept back to a morning show on Collider. Monday-Wednesday features two hours of talk about all kinds of subjects as well as the trademark silliness.  Roxy Striar is one of my favorite additions to the show.


Image result for movie fights live screen junkies#2.  Movie Fights.  This show has been readjusted a couple of times since the old days and it seems to be returning to its stride.  #HootHoot #OwlNation  Hosted by comedian Hal Rudnick, the show gets three individuals together to have them debate questions about movies (the sillier the better).  Dan Murrell is here as both the reigning Movie Fights Champion and the fact checker and Danielle Radford looks for dank memes on social media.


Image result for schmoedown movie trivia#1. The Movie Trivia Schmoedown.  Number one for the second year in a row, the Movie Trivia Schmoedown only continues to get better and better.  A movie trivia show that includes storylines and characters much like WWE, Movie Trivia Schmoedown, at its worst, is extremely entertaining.  At its best, it is a must see competition with unbelievably charismatic men and women who know their movie trivia.  The show has several different “divisions” in the league including singles, teams, Innergeekdom, and Star Wars.  John “The Outlaw” Rocha, leader of the 5 Horsemen, is the current Movie Image result for schmoedown movie trivia Kristian death stareTrivia Schmoedown Champion of the World.  The “Amazing” Mara Knopic is the undefeated Innergeekdom Champion.  The team champions are the Shirewolves (also undefeated) who consists of “Classy” Clark Wolfe and Rachel “The Crusher” Cushing.  Finally the Star Wars Champion is Alex “The Demon” Damon.  The stories may be written but the movie trivia and the emotion and the passion are real.  The show has gotten so big that it has had several live shows in Los Angeles this year and are heading to New York in early 2019.


CABLE-TV Year in Review 2018 TV

Cable TV has been hit hard by the streaming services.  Even by moving the HBO, Starz, Showtime to this category, I only have a list of four shows here.



Image result for the walking dead season 9#4.  The Walking Dead (AMC).  This show ruled the roost for several years, but it has seen a steep decline in interest and quality over the last few seasons.  I have heard that the last few episodes of season 9 (which I have not seen yet) are somewhat of a recovery for the show, so maybe I’ll have to pick it up again when it returns from its midseason break.


Image result for runaways end of season 1#3.  The Runaways (Hulu). The second half of season one was just as great as the first half and I loved the fact that the show felt confident enough in its set up and structure that it was able to develop these characters before they felt the need to make them run away, despite the show’s title.  The show returns in December, dropping all of their episodes in one binge-able block.



Image result for cloak & dagger season 1 episode 7#2. Cloak & Dagger (Freeform).  The pair of unknown Marvel Comics heroes made for a stellar television program.  This was another show that took its time and the results really paid off.  They used their 10 episode season to near perfection as we really grew to love the characters of Tandy and Tyrone.  They slowly learned what they were able to do with these weird powers, they had a huge connection to the MCU with Roxxon Oil and they had one of the best TV episodes of the year with “Lotus Eaters.”


Related image#1. Ash vs. The Evil Dead (Starz).  When I found out that season three would be the final one for Ash and the crew, I immediately ended my subscription to Starz in protest.  Ash vs. the Evil Dead was the only thing I ever watched on Starz and with it gone, there was no reason to keep it.  Ash was as good of a television program as you were ever going to get and I am sad that it is over.

TV Year in Review


Television has been in a golden age for the last several years since we have hundreds of locations in which to partake our favorite shows whether it be weekly, monthly or binging in one sitting.

A couple of years ago, I made the decision that with the TV section of the Year in Review, there were just too many shows eligible for the list and that it was impossible to narrow it down.  So I made the executive decision to split the TV category into four sections.  They were Network, Cable, Streaming, and YouTube.

Now I made a couple of adjustments this year.  I moved the networks HBO, Showtime, Starz etc to the cable group instead of streaming.  I did take YouTube Red (or whatever it is called now) and made it the streaming.  I know that seems odd, but I don’t think that putting YouTube Red series against the ones on YouTube proper was fair.

Then, this year, my consumption of television dropped significantly.  There were a ton of TV shows that would have made lists in the past that I just did not follow on even a semi-regular basis.  These shows included The Big Bang Theory, American Horror Story, Preacher, How to Get Away With Murder, House of Cards, 13 Reasons Why, Ghosted, Legion, Mr. Robot among others.  My time is just limited and I cannot watch all of these shows.

So that is the rules for the television section of this Year in Review.  So we shall begin.

Best Documentaries


This has been a heck of a year for documentaries.  In fact, I have more docs on this list than I have ever had before.  Maybe there has always been great docs that I just did not see, but it appears to me that there was a bunch of awesome ones in 2018.

In fact, the number one on this list will be in the Top 5 movies of the year for me.  That is saying something.


#10.  Remastered:  Tricky Dick & the Man in Black.  Netflix story of Richard Nixon inviting Johnny Cash to perform at the White House.  Interesting doc.

#9.  They’ll Love me When I’m Dead.  Another Netflix doc, this time on Orson Welles and his attempt to complete his film The Other Side of the Wind.

#8.  Free Solo.  Just saw this tonight.  Most of the film, I found the main featured man, Alex Honnold, pretentious and selfish, however, the footage of his free solo climb of El Capitan’s 3,000-foot vertical rock face at Yosemite National Park was tense and thrilling.

#7.  Fahrenheit 11/9.  Michael Moore’s latest film focusing on the reason Donald Trump was elected.  Still, there was more here than just that moment.  He talked a great deal about teachers and the water being poisoned in Detroit.

#6.  Shirkers.  Off of a recommendation by Perri Nemeroff from Collider, I enjoyed this mystery story about a young woman trying to accomplish her dream of making a movie (called Shirkers) and the manner in which it is prevented by a certain man.

#5.  Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind.  We see just how brilliant of a man Robin Williams is and how much his life took out of him.  It is still a painful experience thinking about how we lost this genius.

#4.  Andre the Giant.  This on is on HBO and I actually purchased HBO on Hulu specifically for this doc.  There are some great moments in this film on the “Eighth Wonder of the World” and we see just how broken down Andre became by the end.  There might have even been some real emotion shown by Vince McMahon. (Maybe)

TOP 3….

Related image#3.  Three Identical Strangers.  A story so strange and difficult to believe that if this were a fiction story, you would say it was just too far fetched.  Identical triplets separated at birth find their way back to each other… and that is just the start.


Image result for rbg#2.  RBG.  I found this unbelievably entertaining for a story about a Supreme Court justice in her upper eighties.  However, I was completely engaged in the story and I will be praying for her health for as long as Donald is in office.



Image result for won't you be my neighbor#1.  Won’t You Be My Neighbor.  I have never before cried in the car on the way home from seeing a movie, but I did with this film…and for no real apparent reason.  It is not as if the film was a heart-breaker or that it tarnished the reputation of Fred Rogers.  In fact, it showed us that he was really that great of a human.  Maybe the fact that our world today could really used someone like him was what brought on my water works.  One of the best movies (not just documentaries) of the year.


2017 Movies in 2018

Each year, there are films that are released in the previous year in limited release to qualify for Oscar consideration, but they do not go wide release many times until January.  That would make them 2017 films that I see in 2018.  Two years ago, I eliminated these films from my list of Top 30 films of the year because they were really films from the previous year.  However, I figured, why not recognize these films anyway.  All it would mean would be they can have a list all to themselves.

I have six 2017 movies that I saw in 2018.

Image result for call me by my name#6.  Call Me By Your Name.  A lot of people loved this, and I thought it was great too, but I was not as much of a fan of this as most.  I enjoyed it.  No doubt that Timothee Chalamet showed himself as not only a star of the future, but a star of right now.



Image result for the post#5.  The Post.  The true story of the Washington Post and their decision to publish the Pentagon Papers, which showed a cover up involving the Vietnam War.  Starring Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks, the film was dramatic and showed the importance of a free press, a lesson we need to keep in mind even today.


Image result for molly's game#4.  Molly’s Game.  I did not expect to love this movie as much as I did, but there is an amazing performance from Jessica Chastain in a remarkably compelling true story about Molly Bloom and her high stakes poker games that she organized.  Aaron Sorkin wrote the script and the dialogue showed.


Image result for i tonya#3.  I, Tonya.  The story of Tonya Harding, the US figure skater who reputedly hired someone to club the knee of her biggest competition prior to the Olympics.  After watching this biopic, you may have a better understanding, if not actual empathy, for a figure whom had always had the worst reputation around.  Allison Janney is brilliant as Tonya’s villainous mother.


Image result for hostiles#2.  Hostiles.  Not too many people saw this western starring Christian Bale, but Hostiles is way better than I thought it would be.  Bale is a US Army captain who is assigned to escort a dying Cheyenne war chief and his family back to their tribal land. There is so much strain and anxiety along the way that the two enemies find that they have more in common than they thought.


Image result for the shape of water#1.  The Shape of Water.  This was a near perfect movie for me.  I loved everything about it (with the exception of the strange dance number in the middle of the film).  Guillermo del Toro directed the heck out of this and really made me pull for this unlikely and downright oddball couple.  Who would have guessed that I loved this movie as much as I did?  Not I.  Yet, I was totally mesmerized by the film when I finally got a chance to see what everyone was raving about.


What movies will everybody be talking about this year when I have to wait until January to see them?  Unfortunately, I’ll just have to wait to find out.

Year in Review-2018

Image result for 2018 ends

It is December and every year, we at EYG, compile our best and worst lists from the year and review what we have seen in the world of pop culture.  Year in Review will list our top TV shows, movies, comics, wrestling matches, Schmoedown matches etc.

Of course, these lists are only our opinion and everybody else has the right to have their own opinions and to disagree with our choices.  Just because I hated something, does not mean you can’t love it.  That is why this is a safe local on the webs.

Over the next 31 days, we will be adding posts to this section dealing with all of Geek Culture.  Most of the movie lists will come later in the month as I have yet to see Aquaman, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse, Mary Poppins Returns, Bumblebee among many other great movies.

I always enjoy making these lists and expressing my thoughts on the past year.  2018 was a year where the Avengers broke 2 million dollars, Black Panther became a cultural significance, where I slowed down on my TV watching, where we lost a legend in Stan Lee among other amazingly talented people and where the Mouse got his gloved hands on FOX.

2018 was the year of the documentary.  One of them may find its way into the Top 5 films of the year (not may, WILL!).  Horror movies were everywhere in 2018 and most were pretty good.

So… with 2018 coming to an end, let’s look back on the year that was….