Best and Worst Animated 2019


2019 in animation was not as strong as in past years.  There is absolutely no Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse here.  Still, there were several that were pretty decent.

I actually skipped several animated films this year that I thought might be on that worst list, so there are not very many to make up the three that I listed.  I skipped animated movies such as Angry Birds 2, Ugly Dolls, Arctic Dogs etc.

Previous Winners: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse, Coco, Moana, Inside Out, Big Hero 6, Flashpoint, Paranorman, Winnie the Pooh


Best Animated Movie of the Year

#1.  Klaus.  A surprise pick from Netflix.  A great new version of the Santa Claus story.  Features J.K. Simmons as Klaus.

Image result for klaus

#2.  How to Train Your Dragon 3: Hidden World

#3.  Spies in Disguise

#4.  Toy Story 4

#5.  The Reign of Superman


Worst Animated Movie of 2019

#1.  Playmobil: The Movie.  A poor man’s Lego Movie, Playmobil: The Movie was one of the all-time flops.

Image result for playmobil the movie

#2.  The Addams Family

#3.  Wonder Park

#4.  Secret Life of Pets 2


The EYG Top 100 Best Movies of the Decade #30-16


Getting into the top of the decade.  Interestingly enough, a few of the films from 2019 on this list may be in a slightly different order than they will be in the final Best of list of the year.  Don’t @ me about it.


Image result for wonder woman no mans land#30.  Wonder Woman.  DC really needed this one and Diana delivered.  Sure I thought the CGI finale of the film was not as great as the rest of the movie, but there is no denying that the No Man’s Land sequence was some of the best movie making in all of comic book movie history.

#29.  Doctor Sleep.  A sort of sequel to The Shining, Doctor Sleep was a great horror film with a great performance from Ewan McGregor as a grown up version of Danny Torrence.  There is a lot of great mythology in here too.

#28.  Captain America: First Avenger.  Cap’s origin.  It is where we first realize that Chris Evans, a strange choice to play Steve Rogers, was the perfect choice to play Steve Rogers.  A WWII story with a cool appearance from the Red Skull.  This one is better than it gets credit for.

Image result for warrior ufc movie#27.  Warrior.  I had not seen this one until this very year and that was a travesty.  This film is emotional, powerful and thrilling.  You can’t help but root for Joel Edgerton as he makes his unlikely way through the UFC tournament for an eventual showdown with his brother Tom Hardy.  Amazing stuff.

#26.  Captain Phillips.  Tom Hanks brings his powerhouse work to this true story of a man whose ship is taken over by Somali pirates.  The ending scenes with Tom Hanks is perhaps the greatest acting he has ever done in his storied career.

#25.  Edge of Tomorrow.  If you dismissed this as Tom Cruise in a Groundhog Day rip off, you are missing out on one of the most original, inventive and exciting movies of the decade.  Cruise, who starts off going against type which was a welcome change, and Emily Blunt are great together.  This is a film that suffered from poor promotion and a terrible trailer.

Image result for deadpool#24.  Deadpool.  Ryan Reynolds never let this one go and, after some footage leaked online and the fans went nuts, Deadpool became a thing.  And it was a massive hit.  Arguably, Deadpool contains the best love story of any super hero movie and it is hilarious.

#23.  Knives Out.  Rian Johnson created this murder mystery and it was so much fun.  The fantastic ensemble cast brought their best game.  Knives Out was creative and kept you on the edge of the seat, even when you thought you knew what had happened.

Image result for ultron#22.  Avengers: Age of Ultron.  A movie that receives a lot of displeasure from fans because it was not up to the level of the original Avengers.  I maintain that Age of Ultron is still an amazing movie that deserves its place on this list.  There were tons of nitpicks on this one, but nothing there, to me, hurts the film.

#21.  Cabin in the Woods.  A brilliant horror movie that really messes with the horror tropes in a creative and original manner.  It is a movie that explains why characters in horror movies do so many stupid things.  And it is epic.  Great work from director/writer Drew Goddard and co-writer Joss Whedon.  Also brings us a pre-Thor Chris Hemsworth.

Image result for muppets 2011#20.  The Muppets.  A wonderful trip down the road of nostalgia with Muppet fan Jason Segel.  The Muppets return to form here with an attempt to save the Muppet Theater from the evil Tex Richman.  Man or a Muppet is one of the best songs in Muppet movies.

#19.  Jojo Rabbit.  Taika Waititi’s wonderful comedy about a boy in Nazi Germany and his imaginary friend, Adolf Hitler.  The film features some of the best performances of the year and such humanity.  It is a spoof, until it isn’t any more.  One of 2019’s best movies.

Related image#18.  Won’t You Be My Neighbor?  The best documentary I have seen and the one that has affected me more than any other.  I sobbed in my car on the way home.  I’m still not sure why, but this doc on the life of Fred Rogers was something that hit my buttons.   It was absolutely robbed of an Oscar nomination.  One of the biggest travesties in Oscar history.

#17.  Black Panther.  The story of T’Challa, King of Wakanda, was a cultural significance and a massive hit.  It is socially relevant and provided countless children a role model on the screen that looked like them.  Plus, the movie was great.

Image result for spiderman keaton car#16.  Spider-Man: Homecoming.  One of the best Spider-Man movies ever done and finally we have a Spider-Man that everyone can get behind. Tom Holland is the perfect Spider-Man and the perfect Peter Parker.  Then, we get a totally intense and frightening Vulture in the person of Michael Keaton.  That scene in the car with Peter and Toomes was as tense as any scene that year.


The EYG Top 100 Worst Movies of the Decade #30-16



The worst movies of 2010-2019 continues…

#30.  Zoolander 2.  Holy cow was this a trainwreck. People hold the original in a high regard, but this is nearly universally disliked.  Probably another sequel too late for the making.

Image result for the brothers grimsby#29.  The Brothers Grimsby.  Poop jokes.  Vomit jokes.  And a ridiculous plot, characters and story.  Worst of all…not funny.

#28.  A Million Ways to Die in the West.  Seth MacFarlane has done some really funny things over the years.  This ain’t one of ’em.  A Western movie spoof that just did not work for me.

Image result for fist fight

Education stereotypes running wild

#27.  Fist Fight.  Another one of those stupid comedies (using the term loosely) based in a school that is so unrealistic that it loses me immediately.  The filmmakers here clearly hate teachers and the school system with their display of the school.

#26.  The Snowman.  One of the Spider-man 3 winners, I was looking forward to The Snowman.  Trailers made it look fantastic.  Unfortunately, it was no where near entertaining.  I had the killer picked out immediately.  Michael Fassbender looked depressed.  It was a horrible time at the theater.

Image result for immortals

Which of these is this picture from?

#25.  Immortals.  A Greek sword & sandal “epic” starring Henry Cavill and Mickey Rourke.  The story was dull.  The CGI was atrocious.  It was just a terrible movie.

#24.  Gods of Egypt.  Gerard Butler played “Egyptian” God Set.  I know that when I see Gerard Butler, I think Egyptian.  Why cannot Hollywood give us a good sword and sandal epic?

#23.  Nine Lives.  Yes, Kevin Spacey is turned into a cat. I know there are lots of people who wish Kevin Spacey would be turned into something, but  a cat may not be their first choice.  Inane film.

Related image


#22.  The Host.  A young adult book series based movie that came out after the success of Twilight.  Same author by the way and it featured a younger Saoirse Ronan whose future was much brighter than this sci-fi turd.

#21.  Transporter: Refueled.  Another in a franchise that should have gone away.  I remember almost nothing about this movie except for the fact that I wished it did not get made.  It was the #1 on my list of worst in 2015.

#20.  The Collection.  A horror story where a killer named The Collector kills people for the sake of gore and shock value…not for story.

Image result for 50 shades of grey

If only I could have had a blindfold too


#19.  50 Shades of Grey.  It it the original in the series where we meet these characters for the first time.  50 Shades started as Twilight fan fiction and that is what the film feels like.  It is not even that sexy.  Pretty sure this is the worst trilogy of the decade.

#18.  Robin Hood.  Taron Egerton and Jamie Foxx waste their significant talents in this attempt to once again make Robin Hood relevant.  It failed miserably and was one of the winners of the John Carter Memorial Award in 2018.

#17.  Jexi.  One of this year’s worst movies, Jexi is the story of a man and his cell phone.  Jexi is the “Siri” of this universe on steroids.  A poor man’s “Her

Image result for hangover II#16.  Hangover II.  I enjoyed the first Hangover.  Little did I know that they were making the same damn movie in Hangover II, only placing it in a different country.  Hangover II took a huge plummet from where it was and turned the whole series into a joke. And one that was no longer funny.



Music-Original Song & Score 2019


Music is a vital component to the movie going experience, whether it be the main song or the music in the background.  Music gives you the proper feels for a scene and lives in your head from then on.

There may not have been as many original songs this year, but there are some very quality ones.

Shout out to Jennifer Hudson for her stunning performance of Memory in Cats.  If only she did not look as she did it the theater.  Her voice is amazing and I look forward to her as Aretha Franklin in 2020.

Original song

#5.  The Ballad of the Lonesome Cowboy (Toy Story 4)


#4.  Catchy Song (The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part)


#3.  Speechless (Aladdin)


#2. The Dead Don’t Die (The Dead Don’t Die)


#1.  Lost in the Woods (Frozen II)


This may not be the flashiest of the songs from Frozen II, but I have no doubt that this is the best one.  This was my favorite moment in the movie and I have it on my phone.  Jonathan Groff sings this brilliantly and the Weezer version is okay too.



#5.  Last Black Man in San Francisco- Emile Mosseri and Joe Talbot

#4.  Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker- John Williams

#3. Us- Michael Abels

#2.  Avengers: Endgame- Alan Silvestri

#1.  Joker- Hildur Guðnadóttir



Top 15 Geek Stories 2019


Pop culture today is Geek Culture and most of the biggest stories affect the Geek community and the culture.  So the Top 15 Biggest Geek Stories of 2019 cover lots of ground.

#15.  Storm Area 51.  This came up online as a meme about midway through the year with a large number online supporting the idea.  Fortunately, when it came to the actual event, a small number of people showed basically as a whim and we avoided the trouble that was certainly coming.

#14.  Big Bang Theory ends.  After 12 seasons and 279 episodes, CBS’ The Big Bang Theory ended its run by giving Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler their much deserved Nobel Prize.

#13.  AEW.  The WWE got some real competition in 2019 with the arrival and birth of AEW.  Backed by billionaire Tony Khan, AEW came from the minds of Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks and provides another area fro wrestlers to work.  There was immediately a new wrestling “War” as AEW started on Wednesday nights spurring the WWE to counter-program its NXT against it.

#12.  Royal Baby- Archie.  The first-born son of Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, Archie immediately became the 7th in line of succession for the throne of England.

#11.  Watchmen.  The HBO series created remarkable buzz as everyone loved each week’s episode. The series, written by Damon Lindelof, took the premise of the iconic graphic novel and moved it forward into the future to tell the story of racial tensions and divide among Americans.  Genius level work.

#10.  Star Wars ends the Skywalker Saga.  Episode IX was released to the common middling response to anything these days named Star Wars that does not feature Baby Yoda.  The film was very divisive with some believing it was a great finale to the Skywalker saga while others thinking that it was a gigantic mess.

#9.  WWE video game glitches.  The new WWE video game, WWE 2K20, had a ton of glitches and bugs when released, causing fans to complain about it not being ready for release.  There are some real funny ones, including when Charlotte went for the figure-8.

#8.  Greta Thunberg.  A 16-year old Swedish environmentalist, Greta created a huge stir on the world stage when she spoke at the UN Climate Action Summit.  She was named Time’s Person of the Year for 2019 and she was Tweeted at by the President of the USA, Donald Trump, but not in a positive way.

#7.  Joker/Captain Marvel pass $1B at box office.  Despite calls and protests against both film online, DC Movies Joker and Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel both passed one billion dollars world wide in 2019. It goes to show that the vocal minority on the Internet is just that, a minority.

#6.  Impeached.  Although I try to remain outside of the political realm here, you cannot ignore the fact that Donald Trump became only the third US president to ever be impeached.  Political junkies all over the internet and the media will be debating the importance or lack thereof well into 2020.

#5.  Spider-man tug of war.  About midway through the year, Sony and Disney announced that they were unable to come to an agreement over the rights to Spider-man and that the Web-Head would be leaving the MCU.  The public outcry was loud and, after Tom Holland called Bob Iger, a compromise was found to keep Spidey where he belongs.

#4.  Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola “trash” Marvel Studios.  It was the story that wouldn’t go away.  Scorsese made some comments about Marvel Studios not being cinema and how it is compared to an amusement park ride.  Though his comments were not that bad when read in context, the Internet exploded.  Then, when Coppola threw in his two cents about Marvel being “despicable” everything only got worse.  It seems like everything has finally started to calm down.  *Terry Gilliam-hold my beer*

#3.  Disney + launches.  The streaming service Disney + launched to great success on Nov. 12th as Disney says they had 10 million subscribers after the first day of launch.  Featuring such fun shows as The Mandalorian and The World According to Jeff Goldblum, a ton f Disney movies, and with the upcoming Marvel series, Disney + looks to be solid well into the future.

#2.  Game of Thrones ends.  The finale of HBO’s classic show Game of Thrones took place this year and, unfortunately, much of the final season, including the finale, was not what the public was hoping for.  The finale was disliked by many of its longtime viewers and continued that toxic environment that has become social media online.

#1.  Avengers: Endgame passes Avatar.  Yes, they had to re-release it right near the end of its run with some additional footage added in a post credit scene, but Avengers: Endgame was still a massive win.  It was able to overtake Avatar as the most money worldwide for any movie ever (without inflation).  Endgame made an insane $350 million domestic opening weekend, totally crushing the previous record set the year before by Infinity War.  It also made over $1 Billion dollars worldwide in the opening weekend.  It ended its theatrical run at $2,797,800,564, compared to Avatar’s $2,789,958,507.


The Expendables Award for Acting Excellence 2019


We once again will have the specialty award to honor those members of the Expendables cast and their acting prowess in other films.

Best Expendable Supporting Actor:  Arnold Schwarzenegger (Terminator: Dark Fate).   Arnold returned to the Terminator franchise (again) and killed off poor John Connor.  Then he went off and got into a relationship.  Arnold continued to show his skill at being an emotion-less cyborg.

Expendable Match of the Year:  Ronda Rousey competing at Wrestlemania 35 in the main event.  Yes, Ronda lost that match, but you cannot argue that she was in the main event of Wrestlemania.  It was the first female main event of Wrestlemania ever and she shared the match with Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch.

Best Expendable Actor in a Lead Role:  Jason Statham (Hobbs & Shaw).  Jason Statham and The Rock had great chemistry together in the last Fast & Furious film (I don’t recall the number…9,maybe?) and that lead to a spin off for their characters.  The film was fun and as ridiculous as any F&F movie.  The film made a lot of money because of Statham and Johnson.

Best Expendable Actor in a Return Role:  Bruce Willis (Glass).  Bruce returned to the role of David Dunn this year in Glass, a film I liked but many people thought underperformed.

Best Expendable in a Rom-Com: Liam Hemsworth (Isn’t It Romantic).  A surprisingly funny film with a good comedic turn from Liam.

Best Expendable Cameo:  Harrison Ford (Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker).  This is a shoo in since he already took home the Stan Lee Cameo of the Year Award.



The Avengers: Endgame Ensemble Cast of the Year Award 2019

This award is brand new this year. 


I wonder….

Is the title of this award…a SPOILER?


Winner of the first ever Avengers: Endgame Ensemble Cast of the Year Award is….

Avengers: Endgame!

Image result for Avengers endgame final battle

Of course.

I mean… duh.  It is literally the name of the brand new award.

And this is reasonable too.  There were so many great moments in the film.  Robert Downey Jr throughout.  Chris Evans and his story wrap-up for Cap.  How about Chris Hemsworth’s amazing portrayal of a Norse God fighting depression/PTSD?  Scarlett Johansson and her sacrifice.  Jeremy Renner was strong in all his scenes.  Karen Gillian gets overlooked a lot but she brought so much depth to Nebula.  Paul Rudd showed all kind of range, from comedic to downright frightened.  Gwyneth Paltrow’s good bye to Tony Stark was note perfect.  There were so many actors in this ensemble yet they all seemed to have their moments.  Especially the OG Avengers.

There were some other great ensemble casts this year too.

Runners-UpKnives Out, The Favorite, Parasite, Hotel Mumbai, Good Boys, Kid Who Would Be King, Bombshell, Little Women, Ready or Not, The Dead Don’t Die.

2019 Documentaries


I actually have not seen as many documentaries of the past years and, honestly, there has not been that dominant documentary around.  Still, here are the list of 10.

#10.  Jawline.  On Netflix, the tale of 16-year-old Austyn Tester trying to become a celebrity on YouTube.  Interesting look.

#9.  Fire in Paradise.  The doc about the fire in the California city named Paradise.  It was intense and tough to watch, but it was too short.

#8.  Western Stars.  Bruce Springsteen in a barn singing his new album.  Solid work, but I did not know any of the songs.  Loved his cover of Rhinestone Cowboy.

#7.  Apollo 11.  The story of the first expedition to land on the moon featuring unaired footage and the actual news coverage.

#6.  Never Surrender.  Screen Junkies create a documentary all about the making of Galaxy Quest, the classic 90s comedy/spoof starring Tim Allen and Alan Rickman.

#5.  They Shall Not Grow Old.  A look at the soldiers of World War I through old BBC footage that Peter Jackson used technology to update the footage.

#4.  Biggest Little Farm.  An intense story of how a little farm begins and survives outside of Los Angeles.  I never thought this could be as exciting as it was.

#3.  Ask Dr. Ruth.  A documentary all about Dr. Ruth Westheimer, the noted sex therapist.  Entertaining and vital.

#2.  Amazing Grace.  A remarkable film with the performance of Aretha Franklin recording her Amazing Grace album live at the New Temple Missionary Baptist Church in Los Angeles in 1972.  The Queen of Soul brings it.

#1.  Leaving Neverland.  The six hour documentary on the Michael Jackson child sexual abuse case was devastating, painful to watch and heartbreaking.  Listening to the stories of Jackson’s alleged victims was incredibly horrific and the interviews with the families involved made you angry and wondering what these people were thinking.

Image result for leaving neverland



The EYG Top 100 Worst Movies of the Decade #50-31



Continuing with the listing of the worst movies of the decade, in my humble opinion.  Disagree?  Please.  Just stay civil.

#50.  Fifty Shades Freed.  The conclusion of perhaps the worst trilogy ever.  Fifty Shades Freed was the best of the three films.The other two are still to come.

Image result for legend of hercules

Why does his stomach look like that?

#49.  The Legend of Hercules.  Kellan Lutz appears as the son of Zeus and a mortal woman.  That probably is all you need to know.

#48.  Pixels.  An Adam Sandler film, which is also probably all I need to say.  However, this one could have been better.  The film boasted a bunch of classic video game characters used horribly. Kevin James was the President which is nearly as odd as Donald Trump.

#47.  I, Frankenstein.  Another one that I had high hopes for only for them to be dashed.  Aaron Eckhart was the iconic monster who had to wind up in the middle of a war between gargoyles and demons.  Yeah, I’m not sure why either.

Related image#46.  Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Long Haul.  I had liked the earlier films in this franchise and then this came along.  One of the worst films of that year, Long Haul took the immature humor to a different level.  The recasting of the roles did not help this either.

#45.  Action Point.  Johnny Knoxville running a run-down amusement park where safety is only a minor concern.  Many of the Jackass type stunts were done here too.  They aren’t funny here either.

Image result for Magic mike XXL

Hey, it’s Kevin Nash!

#44.  Magic Mike XXL.  The only movie on this list that I actually walked on out.  It is this low because it is unfair to criticize it without having seen the end.  Still, I hated what I did see.  Perhaps the females in the crowd disagreed with me.

#43.  The Emoji Movie.  How are you going to make a movie starring emojis?  And how is Patrick Stewart voicing the poop emoji?  Why am I thinking about this one?

#42.  Clash of the Titans.  a huge disappointment because I loved the original from the 1970s.  Sure it was before CGI and you could tell, but it was such fun.  This one was terrible CGI too, but much more boring.

Image result for a good day to die hard#41.  A Good Day to Die Hard.  Die Hard is one of the best action movies ever made.  This is the fifth movie in the franchise and it took John McClane to Russia to be with his son, played by Jai Courtney.  Absolutely horrendous.  The only thing hard about this one was watching it.

#40.  Anchorman 2.  I am not a fan of the original, and I dislike Will Farrell, so I was not the target audience for this long overdue sequel.  Even big fans of the original agreed that this one was lacking.

#39.  Underworld:  Awakenings.  Nearly walked out on this one and only stayed because I had gotten into it free because another film I was scheduled to watch did not work.  I stuck this one out, but regretted my choice in attending this.

Image result for sucker punch#38.  Sucker Punch.  Just a horrible Zack Snyder film with a group of women in a fantasy dream world.  Loud.  Ugly.  Vicious.  More like a video game than a story.

#37.  Dumb and Dumber To.  Another sequel that waited too long to be made.  Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels reunite for this tragically unfunny film.  All the best scenes were in the trailer.  Not very many to choose from.

#36.  Vacation.  A remake of the classic comedy, this new Vacation had nothing going for it except for a funny bit from Chris Hemsworth.  The rest of the movie was juvenile and filed with drug, poop and vomit jokes.

Related image

Is Mortdecai watching some of these movies?  What is with that expression?

#35.  Mortdecai.  Johnny Depp’s low point?  Perhaps, but this weirdo detective was not charming or funny.  It was just mean-spirited and unfunny.

#34.  Assassin’s Creed.  this film, starring Michael Fassbender, was such a disappointment because some believed it would be the film to break that video game curse.  It wasn’t.  It was just too stupid.

Image result for taken 2

Do you think Maggie Grace is missing LOST by now?

#33.  Taken 2.  The first Taken was so great.  Liam Neeson as a father with a particular set of skills in search of his daughter and kicking ass along the way.  That was epic.  This?  Huge drop off.

#32.  Death of a Nation.  Dinesh D’Souza and his attack piece on Barack Obama by using historical inaccuracies.  This was prior to Dinesh D’Souza and his jail time (pardoned by D. Trump).  Can’t imagine how anyone could buy the garbage this guy is peddling.

Image result for hot pursuit movie#31.  Hot Pursuit.  It is Reese Witherspoon and Sophia Vergara in a buddy comedy (using that word – comedy-  sparingly).  Hot Pursuit is about as mind-numbingly dumb as you can get and even the charismatic leads cannot help this flop.




The EYG Top 100 Movies of the Decade #50-31



We have cracked into the Top 50 of the decade 2010-2019.  Again, this is my opinion and only my opinion.  Disagree?  That’s great.  I am sure you will.

Let’s continue…

Image result for rogue one#50.  Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.  This is a ballsy film.  It is more of a war epic than other Star Wars movies and it gives us a group of cool new character that are doomed from the start.  Plus, the film follows through with the finale.  I respect that.  It would have been easy to not kill them all and make up some excuse about where they were during the original trilogy, but they did not do that.

#49.  Rise of the Planet of the Apes.  This was an unexpected pleasure.  After the failed reboot of the franchise with the Mark Wahlberg film in the 90s, I had very low expectations for this, but James Franco and the rest brought Caesar to life and made me care about them.

Image result for ghost protocol#48.  Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.  My favorite of the Mission Impossible series, it featured the always crazy Tom Cruise hanging himself off of a gigantic building.  We also had a good use of Jeremy Renner.

#47.  Birdman.  Michael Keaton playing a washed actor who gave up the role of a super hero, Birdman, years prior.  Hm.  Sounds familiar.  Great acting in this film, not only by Keaton, but by Edward Norton and Emma Stone as well.

Image result for harry potter deathly hallows 2#46.  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two.  The only Harry Potter movie to make this list, Deathly Hallows successfully brought the Harry Potter franchise to a close near the beginning of the decade.  The kid movie franchise had moved into a full dark and dramatic action movie.

#45.  Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  Everyone was remarkably happy to have Star Wars back again, with another chance after the prequels.  Sure The Force Awakens had several similar beats to the original Star Wars: A New Hope, but who cared?  It brought that feeling of nostalgia back to a galaxy far, far away.

#44.  Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.  No way this was as entertaining as it was.  The sequel came too long after the original and lacked Robin Williams.  Still, this film had The Rock and featured a fabulous comedic performance from Jack Black.  I was sure this would be a huge failure, and I could not have been more wrong.

Image result for john wick mob boss#43.  John Wick.  Don’t mess with John Wick’s dog or his car.  My favorite scene in this gun-fu film was when the big bad guy found out that his son had messed with John Wick’s car and the fear was real.  That gave us, the audience, the understanding that John Wick was someone not to mess with.

#42.  How to Train Your Dragon 2.  A great animated trilogy, this one had the guts to have its main hero dragon, Toothless, while under control, kill the father of Hiccup.  While that was a ballsy move, I do think that the movie shrugged it off too quickly.  However, the fact that it happened showed you how invested this film was in creating something different.

Image result for last jedi#41.  Star Wars: The Last Jedi.  Yeah, I know there is a lot of hatred for this movie, but I do not agree.  Yes, there are some really bad parts of this movie (particularly the Canto Bight sequence), but the parts of The Last Jedi that worked were some of the best Star Wars sequences ever.  And I loved the character arc given to Luke Skywalker, despite other opinions online (be nice please).

#40.  X-Men: Days of Future Past.  The adaption of one of the greatest X-Men stories to ever appear in Marvel Comics, DoFP showed us all kinds of time travel goodness and was able to give us not only the great new Xavier and Magneto (James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender) but also the great original Xavier and Magneto (Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen).

#39.  Doctor Strange.  A great origin story for the Sorcerer Supreme of the MCU.  One of the most original films in the series, too.  I loved the ending where Strange uses his mind to defeat Dormammu instead of the typical fight.  Benedict Cumberbatch is a perfectly cast Dr. Strange.

Image result for elvis & Nixon movie#38.  Elvis & Nixon.  The true story (though much has been imagined) of the day when “The King” Elvis Presley went to the White House to meet with President Richard Nixon.  Michael Shannon gave us a fantastic Elvis and Kevin Spacey (though a jerk overall) was an intriguing Tricky Dick.


Image result for searching movie#37.  Searching.  Another film that I expected nothing out of only to find that it was brilliant.  John Cho plays the father of a missing girl and he is desperate to discover what had happened to her.  The gimmick was that the film showed the father only on computer screens and smartphones in his attempt to suss out what happened to his daughter.  John Cho was sensational in the role.

#36.  A Quiet Place.  There has never been a weirder theater going experience.  The theater was so enamored with the film that we were being as quiet as we could possibly be.  John Krasinski, Emily Blunt, Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe are amazing as the family living in this horrible future where, if you make any noise, you can wind up alien food.

Image result for skyfall#35.  Skyfall.  My favorite James Bond film of the decade, Skyfall featured a smaller story from deep in the past of the character of James Bond.  Daniel Craig hit his stride as Bond and the film was helped along by the amazing theme song by Adele.  Despite the unlikeliness of the villainous plot, Skyfall is fantastic.

#34.  Ant Man.  Who thought this would be in the top 50?  Especially after the controversy with the departure from the film by director Edgar Wright.  However, Peyton Reed stepped in to the film and created a fun, exciting, smaller (avoiding the pun) heist film that was very enjoyable.

Image result for chef favreau#33.  Chef.  Jon Favreau’s fun food film. After leaving his job as a chef at a prestigious LA restaurant, Favreau started a food truck business with his son and friend.  This movie is funny, heart-warming and provides us a wonderful relationship with Favreau and his son, played by Emjay Anthony.

#32.  Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.  While it may not have reached the levels of the original, Guardians Vol. 2 has a ton of positives going for it, including some of the most emotional moments in the MCU.  The entire arc at the end of the film involving Yondu is simply gorgeous.  Plus, Kurt Russell as Ego the Living Planet is something we never knew we needed.

Image result for The imposter docu#31.  The Imposter.  A documentary about a man who claims to be the long-missing son from a family in Texas.  This story is so amazing that you cannot believe that it is true.  Heck, if it were a scripted movie, you would have a difficult time stretching reality to accept it.  But it happened.  The only problem is that there is too much of an open ending and I desperately wanted to know the answer.



2019 Surprise & Disappointment


The Gomer Award is given to the Biggest Surprise film of 2019, the film that I did not expect to be as great as it was.  Over the years, there are few things that are better than when you go into a film with low expectations and coming out thrilled with what you have seen.

Previous Gomer Award Winners:  The Gift, Ferdinand, Edge of Tomorrow, We’re the Millers, The Campaign, Ouija: Origin of Evil, Bumblebee

So the runners-up for the Gomer this year included:  The Upside, The Curse of La Llorona, The Kid Who Would Be King, Ready or Not, I See You, Eli, Long Shot, Klaus, The Art of Self-Defense, Girl on the Third Floor, Togo.

The Gomer Award for 2019 goes to….


Related image

I never thought that a killer alligator story would be as exciting and compelling as Crawl was.  Certainly not after seeing the trailers for it.  Yet Crawl had me anxious and on the edge of my seat the entire time.


And the other side of the coin…


There are movies where you arrive with high expectations for quality and the film just fails to reach them.  It is not even necessarily a bad movie, but it just is not a great one.  Honestly, some of the films this year received “FRESH” reviews from me, but they were a disappointment because they were not as epic as I had hoped.

Previous Winners:  In the Heart of the Sea, The Snowman, Amazing Spider-Man 2, After Earth, Dark Knight Rises, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Batman v. Superman, Christopher Robin

Runners-UpHellboy, The Lion King, Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood, The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part, The Addams Family, Gemini Man, Cats, Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker, Glass, MIB: International.

2019 Spider-Man 3 Disappointment of the Year is….

It Chapter Two

Image result for it ch 2

I liked It Chapter Two.  However, I LOVED the first It and I had hoped that they would bring the finale in with as much awesomeness as the original.  When you throw in the fantastic ensemble cast that the film had, the expectations only rose.  What they gave us was… it was fine.  I didn’t hate it.  But I would be lying if I didn’t say that I wasn’t disappointed.  I wanted a huge ending.  I got an okay one.


The John Carter Memorial Award 2019

John Carter


Every year they happen.  It is the unfortunate truth that is faced by movies in Hollywood.  Some times they will lose money.  You just hope that you aren’t ever in consideration for the John Carter Memorial Award.

There are some really good films that have fallen into this category.  Heck, some people would go as far as to argue for John Carter.  Not me, mind you, but I know some think that movie gets a bad rap.

However, with some movies and their inflated budgets, they are setting themselves up for failure.  Something like Joker this year had a low budget and made a lot of money.  Large budgets make it a challenge as it is.

Other reasons for a film to be a flop could include poor scheduling, bad word of mouth, bad critical reactions, too much competition, limited appeal, too many risks, terrible marketing etc.

Previous winners:  John Carter, Alice Through the Looking Glass, The Lone Ranger, A Million Ways to Die in the West, Expendables 3, Jem and the Holograms, Pan, Rock the Casbah, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, Robin Hood (2018), Mortal Engines

This year, there were some unfortunate flops.  Just this past weekend, the $100 million budgeted Cats made about 6 million in their opening weekend.  Most super hero movies do fairly well, but Hellboy this year was a huge flop.  Charlie’s Angels was extremely unsuccessful.  The Kid Who Would Be King was a lot of fun and a great movie, but it lost a lot of money.  Will Smith’s sci-fi picture, Gemini Man failed to live up to its expectations.  The Goldfinch barely made any money either, and failed to receive any support from anyone.

I was prepared to give this “award” to Terminator: Dark Fate, which did terrible and may have finally ended this franchise for once and all.  However, then there was a film that had an epic flop on its opening weekend.  A film that made $625,000 in 2000 theaters domestically.  It was one of the worst openings of all time.  As it secured its John Carter Memorial Award for 2019.


Playmobil: The Movie. 

Image result for playmobil the movie

2019 EYG Star of the Year


There have some amazing people this year who have had tremendous years.  I had a difficult time actually picking out a winner for this award.  It wasn’t until late that I made a decision on who to give this award to this year.

Previous Winners Gal Gadot, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jennifer Lawrence, Marvel Studios, J.J. Abrams, Josh Brolin


Runners-UpScarlett Johansson has had an amazing year with Endgame, Jojo Rabbit and Marriage Story.  Three amazing films with three amazing performances.  I thought about the king of late night with Stephen Colbert and his consistently funny bits on Donald Trump.  Bob Iger of Disney certainly was a possible choice since Disney has had six billion dollar movies this year and launched their streaming service Disney +.  Shia LaBeouf was in two brilliant movies in The Peanut Butter Falcon and Honey Boy.

However… the winners of the Star of the Year…

Regina King & Damon Lindelof from HBO’s Watchmen.

Image result for damon lindelof and Regina King

I just finished Watchmen and it was brilliant.  It was heavily because of the writing of Damon Lindelof and the performance of Regina King.  Lindelof was able to do something that many people (including myself) believed was unnecessary and unneeded.  He took the story he wanted to write and he placed it squarely into the world of the Watchmen and never blinked.  It was a brilliant work.  Regina King brought Angela Abar (aka Sister Night) to life and was the absolute heart of the show.

Congrats to these two.


Star of the Decade.

With the decade coming to a close, who was the star of the decade?  One name came to my mind when I was thinking about who to award this to and one name only.

Robert Downey Jr.

Image result for robert downey jr

RBJ is the godfather of the MCU, no matter how much he denies that fact.  His success is what made this series so successful and he brought so much emotion to Avengers: Endgame.  Tony Stark’s arch was beautifully planned out and played to a tee by RDJ.


The EYG Top 100 Worst Films of the Decade #70-51


I saw a movie yesterday that would have fallen on this list (Cats), but it will not appear here since I saw it after the list was completed.  It would probably wind up in the Top 10 eventually.


Related image#70.  Jupiter Ascending.  A sci-fi fantasy that swings for the fence, but whiffs too much.  Eddie Redmayne was a disaster here in a performance that some thought might cost him the Oscar for Theory of Everything.  Lots of dumbness and too much world building crammed in it.

#69.  Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters.  Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton in a inane fantasy based loosely on the fairy tale.  The movie was dark and really uninteresting.

#68.  After Earth.  Will Smith and his son Jaden starred in this M. Night Shyamalan flop from 2013.  Will and his son crash land on an alien planet in this sci-fi romp.

Image result for captive state#67.  Captive State.  The people of Chicago need to decide whether or not to raise up and revolt against the occupying aliens.  There is not much about said aliens actually.

#66.  Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2.  The first Paul Blart was a guilty pleasure of mine.  The second one, not so much.  Paul leaves the mall for a security conference in Las Vegas.

#65. Alpha.  The story of the first boy and his dog.  I found this to be just so boring and such a manipulative tale.  It may have looked nice, but the story was lacking.

Image result for max steel#64.  Max Steel.  A superhero story no one ever wanted to see.  A teen finds the Max Steel armor and fights off those trying to reclaim it.

#63.  Suspiria.  A horror movie from 2018 that I just did not enjoy.  Lots of people disagree with that. but I just disliked this.

#62.  Dracula Untold.  There have been plenty of attempts to revitalized Dracula, but this is one more failure at that.  It was an attempt to give us the origin of Drac as we meet Vlad III.  Not good.

#61.  The Darkest Hour. A dull and uninspiring sci-fi/action movie with a group of young people in Russia.  An invisible force arrived on the earth to send the planet into darkness.  The film was in darkness too.

Image result for exodus gods and kings#60.  Exodus: Gods and Kings.  Ugh.  Just a terrible film dealing with the old sword and sandals now.  The CGI is atrocious and hilarious.  Moses and Ramses  try to save Egypt from the rule of the evil Sethi, their father.

#59.  Replicas.  Keanu Reeves loses his family in a tragic accident and decides to clone them in an attempt to recreate them.  There are some serious god issues here.


Image result for 15:17 to paris#58.  The 15:17 to Paris.  Clint Eastwood tried to tell this story with the actual people involved in the real life event.  Poor choice.  There was also just not enough of the situation for a full length movie.

#57.  Independence Day: Resurgence.  The sequel to the classic 80s film was just a total flop.  The film was dumb, the characters were boring and cardboard and the ones from the original film were wasted.

#56.  Transcendence.  A failure of the movie was unexpected.  However, the Johnny Depp vehicle was dull and lifeless.  It was hard to understand and had a typical B-movie plot/theme.

Image result for bye bye man#55.  The Bye Bye Man.  One of the terrible monster/horror movies of the decade where the Bye Bye Man would come and kill you if you thought about him or said his name. Thought about him?  Seems fairly hard to avoid, unlike th emovie.

#54.  Bad Teacher.  Cameron Diaz appeared as a teacher who drank, slept around and looked to score with the hot substitute, Justin Timberlake.  I hate those movies that have no basis in reality when it comes to education and Bad Teacher was one of those.

Image result for green lantern reynolds parallax#53.  Green Lantern.  Ryan Reynolds hates this movie.  At least he sure seems to as he keeps making jokes about it in Deadpool movies.  I knew this film did not have a chance as soon as I saw Parallax.  It was such a terrible looking CGI creature that I was laughing at it immediately.  Not a good start.

#52.  Early Man.  I hated this animated movie.  It took early man and had them play soccer.  Yep, soccer.  I regretted going to this movie within the first ten minutes.  It felt like a long time before it finally ended.

Related image#51,  Pitch Perfect 3.  The first two were fine.  The first one was downright original and surprisingly good.  By the time we reached Pitch Perfect 3, the gimmick had run its course and they were trying to stick the Bellas into a weird action story. It was bad.




The EYG Top 100 Movies of the Decade #70-51



The decade’s best, according to EYG, continues with a double dose of the list.


Image result for frankenweenie#70.  Frankenweenie.  Tim Burton directed this stop-motion animated film that was dark, funny and told a wonderful story about a boy and his dead dog.

#69.  Whiplash.  This film brought the powerful performance of J.K. Simmons to light as the obsessive music teacher who is trying to get the best out of Miles Teller.

Image result for tickled#68.  Tickled.  One of the most fascinating documentaries of the decade, where a reporter discovers an underground group involved in  “competitive endurance tickling” and the unexpectedly drastic things that come from it.  It is unbelievable.

#67.  Room.  The film that brought Brie Larson to an Oscar and Jacob Tremblay to the forefront of the Hollywood scene.  This film had me sobbing the whole time.

Image result for paranorman#66. Paranorman.  Norman Babcock is a young boy who has the ability to talk with the dead, and he is trying to prevent a witch’s curse from destroying his town.  One of the top animated films from the company Laika.

#65.  How to Train Your Dragon.  The original movie from the trilogy where young Viking Hiccup discovers one of the rare Night Fury dragons, Toothless. The bond of friendship that happens between the pair is the basis of the animated trilogy.

#64.  The Conjuring.  Ed and Lorraine Warren are paranormal investigators and demonologists.  They are called to a farmhouse to try and help a family that was being terrorized by a dark presence.  This film led to an entire Conjuring cinematic universe with Annabelle, The Nun, etc.

Image result for lego movie#63.  The Lego Movie.  One of the great surprises of the decade.  How did a movie about these kids’ building blocks become an emotional journey of self-discovery?  The humor, creativity and heart made this a brilliant film.

#62.  Rocketman.  The biopic/musical of Elton John’s life was filled with amazing music and helped show the world a deeper version of the life and times of Reginald Dwight.

#61.  Coco.  One of the times when Pixar ripped our hearts out with emotion and family ties.  An amazing tale about the Day of the Dead and the Latino culture.  Coco is filled with music and feelings.

Image result for mr holmes#60.  Mr. Holmes.  A smaller film featuring the great Ian McKellan as an older, retired Sherlock Holmes who had to try and solve an unresolved case before his life ends.  He has help from his housekeeper’s son, and their relationship is a huge factor in the film.

#59.  Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.  The middle film of the trilogy, Dawn focuses on Caesar and the remaining apes in the forests outside of San Francisco in a world where the human population has been ravaged by the simian flu.

#58.  Nightcrawler.  Jake Gyllenhaal was brilliant in this movie and he was robbed by the Academy.  His performance as Louis Bloom saw the actor transform in front of our face into someone unrecognizable without the benefit of any makeup or CGI.  He disappeared into the role unlike few could.

Image result for baymax big hero6#57.  Big Hero 6.  A group of low-level Marvel heroes appear in an animated film.  Baymax becomes a huge star from the movie.  It also includes an animated Stan Lee cameo.  Many do not know this is a Marvel group of characters but the film was released by Disney and won an Oscar.

#56.  Star Trek Into Darkness.  This was one of my favorite movies of that year and, while it may not have held up as well as other films, I enjoyed this more than many people did.  I liked the way the film played with the comparisons to The Wrath of Khan.  While it has not aged as well, it was still my #2 movie of that year.

Image result for the rock in moana#55. Moana.  Another Disney animated film, this time featuring The Rock as Maui, an Hawaiian demi-god.  It is the story of a young girl named Moana, who feels the call of the ocean.  It’s a great movie. You’re Welcome.

#54.  Spotlight.  An Oscar winner about the scandal dealing with the Catholic church and the priests who sexually abused young children.  The reporters at the Boston Globe discovered the cover up and they investigated the story.  A great ensemble cast made a difficult subject to watch, totally compelling.

#53.  Mission Impossible:  Rogue Nation.  The Mission Impossible franchise has only gotten better and better over the years.  Tom Cruise was hanging off an airplane as it took off.  A fantastic spy adventure with characters we have grown to love.  Plus, the addition of Rebecca Ferguson is tremendous.

Image result for joker#52.  Joker.  One of 2019’s top films, Joker told the story of Arthur Fleck, a failed comedian, whose madness leads to the formation of the mastermind, Joker.  Joaquin Phoenix is stunning as Arthur Fleck.

#51.  The Disaster Artist.  The story of the filming of one of the worst films of all time, The Room, is told in this movie.  James Franco is masterful as filmmaker and “actor” Tommy Wiseau and his passion project.